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Cadence of Hyrule Characters: how to unlock every playable character

Cadence of Hyrule is a rouge-lite at its core, and no rogue-lite or rouge-like is complete nowadays with multiple playable characters. Given that the game is based off The Legend of Zelda series, there's a unique chance here to play as some classic Zelda characters other than Link - but you have to unlock them first. The game has four known characters to unlock (with there rumors of a secret fifth), and we have all the unlock requirements figured out! Read on to learn more.

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Should you Start with Link or Zelda?

At the beginning of the game, you get to choose between Link and Zelda as your main character. Your choice changes up the starting location a bit (Link starts in his house, Zelda in the castle), and you'll be stuck with that character's particular abilities and weapon loadouts for a bit, but you can unlock the other Hylian to play as too.

Unlocking Link or Zelda

To unlock the character you didn't choose at the beginning, first you need to get to Kakariko Village. Since the map is randomized with each playthrough, we can't give an exact location, but it isn't too hard to find. Once there, you can speak to the grave keeper, who says they found someone asleep near the village, and he needs a Hibiscus Potion to wake them up. Thankfully, the potion is really close by!

Head to the graveyard in Kakariko, and push on the biggest of the gravestones, revealing a dungeon to head into. The dungeon is only one floor, and at the end you'll face Shadow Link. Defeat him and the Hibiscus Potion is yours! Head to the sleeping beauty and wake them up, and Link or Zelda will join your party!

Unlocking Cadence

Cadence is the character you played at the very beginning of Cadence of Hyrule, before you picked Link or Zelda. She leaves you to your quest as she searches for a way home, but eventually she'll join your party.

In order to unlock Cadence, you'll need to talk to her in each of the four caves she's hiding out in. The caves aren't difficult to find--they're generally really close to the four dungeons in the game, and are rarely hidden. The caves are:

  • At the beginning of the Lost Woods
  • Near the Garudo Mines (the cave with the red flag, the entrance is covered with dirt)
  • Lake Hylia (one of the caves near the dungeon)
  • The Death Mountain cave near the dungeon entrance

Once you've visited her in each location, she'll join the party.

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Unlocking Yves, the Deku Scrub

If you think Cadence of Hyrule isn't challenging enough, then Yves the Deku Scrub will certainly be up your ally to play. The little guy just wants to be an adventurer, in spite of his frail stacture, and in order to unlock him you'll need to collect some Deku Seeds.

How many? A total of 20, in fact. Tingle will take the seeds for you for a couple of rewards. After 10 seeds, he'll up your stamina bar. Getting 20 seeds is what's needs to unlock Yves. There's a couple more than 20 Deku Seeds hidden out in the world, which are obtained by defeating enemy Deku Scrubs. Make sure to defeat any you see and you should have the 20 you need in no time!

A Fifth Character in Cadence of Hyrule?

When you get the four characters above, your save slot really makes it look like there's a fifth character to unlock! At this time, though, there's no known information about this possible fifth character, nor how to unlock them. We'll make sure to update you as information becomes available!

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