Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Leveling guide: how to grind to level up fast, plus XP cubes and level cap explained

Like any action RPG of its style, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 players can expect to do a fair amount of grinding and farming in order to level up characters right across the game's eclectic cast. Every character levels up on their own terms, meaning that if you want to have access to the best teams at any given time you'll want to have a range of characters leveled up and ready to go at all times.

There are a few ways to effectively grind and level up to expedite the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 leveling process for each character - and while each of these ways still requires some investment of time on your part, it'll pan out a whole lot easier than doing everything 'naturally' through playing regular levels and missions repeatedly.

On this page, we'll offer up our tips and advice on leveling up fast in MUA3, plus go into detail on the game's max level and level cap. Let's get to it...


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Leveling: how to earn XP and level up fast

There are two ways we'd primarily recommend as leveling methods for earning EXP and hitting the level cap fast in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 - Infinity Trials and XP Cubes. The former is a more complicated method of leveling up -these are special trial levels that you can tackle that are difficult but have significant XP rewards. The latter, meanwhile, is simply an item, you can pop to earn a bunch of EXP and hopefully gain a level or two in an instant. Here's everything you need to know about both...

XP Cubes in Mavel Ultimate Alliance 3: what they do & XP Cube Locations

XP Cubes are basically special items found within each level of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3; think of them as a special loot iutem you can find and pick up in each level. There are five different XP Cube types in the game, listed here from the smallest to the largest:

  • Small XP Cube
  • Solid XP Cube
  • Enhanced XP Cube
  • Cosmic XP Cube
  • Ultimate XP Cube

Once you have an XP Cube, all you need to do is actually pop 'em to use them. To do this, go to the main menu and select the 'Team' option, and from there select a hero. On this menu, you'll be able to simply press Y to use XP Cubes. The XP Cubes are listed above from small to large - and the larger the XP Cube you use is, the bigger the XP reward and the amount of leveling your character might do as a result.

Naturally, XP Cubes, especially the smaller ones, are best saved and used on characters when you first unlock characters or begin playing as them in order to get them those first few level ups to bolster their power. You should generally consider saving XP Cubes for that - higher level characters will benefit less, as cubes deliver a set amount of experience and a single cube may not even manage to level up a higher-level character at all.

XP Cubes can be found in pretty much level of MUA3 - they appear as crates that sparkble with a mysterious energy. Crack open the crate with attacks and you'll get the cube as a drop. They drop quite frequently, but we wouldn't recommend relying on them for farming - there's a better method for that. Speaking of which...


Using Infinity Trials to XP farm and level up fast in Mavel Ultimate Alliance 3

Infinity Trials aren't part of the main story or challenge of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, but they are extremely useful - these bonus levels are basically a way of testing your mettle but also have big-time XP rewards that make them perfect for leveling up characters that are weaker. 

In order to farm XP successfully through the Infinity Trials, you will naturally need one high-level character who can act as your team's anchor in the Infinity Trials. If you're struggling, you could also go for two higher-level heroes - but then the remainder of your team should be lower-level characters who find themselves in need of a boost. Your anchor character(s) can do the work but than their pals can take a chunk of the XP, granting easy leveling up very quickly indeed.

Which character you take in as your high level anchor might shift depending on the nature of the mission - some skill sets will be more beneficial than others depending on the mission objective, of course. Many of the Infinity Trials are wave-based and involve taking down many enemies, while others are more like boss encounters. Some trials are only unlocked after beating certain story bosses, or in some cases by only completing certain missions on a specific difficulty - so keep that in mind.

The good news is as well as granting XP, many of these missions also grant XP cubes you can spend in the menu, too.

Most of the Infinity Trial levels can be mopped up in a handful of minutes, and there's different level trials tailored to many different strength of hero - so explore the menu and don't be afraid to reply Infinity Trials multiple times - the XP and credit rewards remain the same even on repeat runs.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Level Cap: what is the max level?

Talking about leveling up fast, grinding and gaining huge amounts of XP lends itself to one more key question: what is the MUA3 level cap? The cap is when the ability to level up a character stops - when a character is completely maxed out. While we're not certain on this just yet (the game is still very new, and new secrets are being found all the time), it does appear that the max level in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is Level 100.

Characters will earn enough AP (Ability Points) to max out their various moves well before Level 100, however - but it does appear you continue all the way to 100. If there's a way to break past 100 with a special unlock, like by finishing the game on its hardest difficulty, is currently unclear - but leveling that complete roster to 100 is a lot of work to be getting on with all the same!