Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Character List, Character Unlocks, Secret Characters and DLC

The universe of Marvel Comics is a pretty jam packed one, and so appropriately there's a lot of familiar faces in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 character list. Players will have to earn the ability to control some of Earth's mightiest heroes and heroes from elsewhere in the multiverse - and on this page we're going to guide you through every character and character unlocks - including the four secret characters unlocked away from the campaign story mode. 

It's worth remembering that characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will be unlocked at a set level, then it'll be up to the player to bring that character up to speed and up to scratch with the others they're using in their teams. For that, have a read of our Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 leveling guide, which covers how to quickly grind a lot of XP to level up characters quickly.

Below, you'll find a list of every campaign character, the four secret characters also unlockable on the roster, and finally a list of all the upcoming DLC characters for MUA3 and when they'll arrive. Here goes--


Campaign Characters: every character unlocked through the story and when they become available

The majority of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3's base cast is available through simple completion of the main story of the game. Here's a full character list of everybody that'll unlock through the campaign, and when exactly during the adventure they'll become unlocked and available for play.

  • Black Panther - unlocked during chapter 8
  • Black Widow - unlocked during chapter 2
  • Captain America - unlocked during chapter 2
  • Captain Marvel - unlocked during chapter 2
  • Crystal - unlocked during chapter 2
  • Daredevil - unlocked during chapter 3
  • Deadpool - unlocked during chapter 5
  • Doctor Strange - unlocked during chapter 6
  • Drax - unlocked during chapter 1
  • Elsa Bloodstone - unlocked during chapter 6
  • Falcon - unlocked during chapter 2
  • Gamora - unlocked during chapter 1
  • Ghost Rider - unlocked during chapter 6
  • Hawkeye - unlocked during chapter 4
  • Hulk - unlocked during chapter 2
  • Iron Fist - unlocked during chapter 3
  • Iron Man - unlocked during chapter 2
  • Luke Cage - unlocked during chapter 2
  • Miles Morales - unlocked during chapter 2
  • Ms. Marvel - unlocked during chapter 2
  • Nightcrawler - unlocked during chapter 5
  • Psylocke - unlocked during chapter 5
  • Rocket Raccoon - unlocked during chapter 1
  • Scarlet Witch - unlocked during chapter 2
  • Spider-Gwen - unlocked during chapter 2
  • Spider-Man - unlocked during chapter 2
  • Star Lord - unlocked during chapter 1
  • Storm - unlocked during chapter 8
  • Thor - unlocked during chapter 2
  • Venom - unlocked during chapter 2
  • Wasp - unlocked during chapter 4
  • Wolverine - unlocked during chapter 2

Secret Character Unlocks through Infinity Challenges: Elektra, Magneto, Loki and Thanos

As well as the characters unlocked through the story, there are four extra characters included in the game that aren't unlocked by completing the campaign alone. Story spoilers abound in the identity of these characters - but here's who they are and how to unlock them outside of the story mode:

  • Elektra
    Elektra becomes available through the first rift grid, Gamma, which means she's available as soon as the infinity trials menu option is once you've progressed a little into Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3's story. Look out for the level 30 mission 'Bad Business' - you want to work through the grid until you can complete that mission, then do so - that'll unlock Elektra. 
  • Magneto
    The X-Men's most famed nemesis shows up in chapter 5 of the campaign, but isn't unlocked through that encounter. Instead, unlock the Psi rift grid by playing through the campaign, and there look out for the level 38 boss wave mission, 'Defeat Klaw & 2 Bosses'. You'll have to fight a range of the bosses from the story mode back-to-back, which is tough, but completing it unlocks Magneto.
  • Loki
    The god of mischief and Thor's brother is found on the third infinity rift grid, Sigma, which again is linked to your progression through the main story. Again you'll want to work your way through this grid before tackling a special mission that has you fighting the Black Order in a boss rush type scenario. Completing this level 45 mission will unlock Loki for play.
  • Thanos
    The final unlockable character, the mad titan Thanos is going to require you to finish story mode then hop back into the infinity challenges. In the final rift grid, Lambda, you'll want to tackle the level 65 mission 'The Black Order' - which has you fighting in one of the most difficult battles Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has for players. Your reward is Thanos, however... so it's worth it. 

DLC Characters

  • Colossus (out August 30)
  • Cyclops (out August 30)
  • Marvel Knights DLC (out Fall 2019)
    • Moon Knight
    • Punisher
    • Blade
    • Morbius
  • Fantastic Four DLC (out Fall 2019)
    • Invisible Woman
    • The Human Torch
    • Mr. Fantastic
    • Thing
  • X-Men DLC (out 2020)