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Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Gifts and Flower Guide

One new element to Fire Emblem: Three Houses is that of Gifts. There are many ways to raise your Support Level with your class and other characters, but one of the most reliable methods is to simply give them Gifts. 

While you can give any Gift to (almost) any character, each character will have a preference for the type of Gifts they like. Sometimes a Gift will be useless and sometimes gain you nothing at all, sometimes a small Support increase (shown by an icon with a single up-arrow), and sometimes large Support increase (shown by an icon with two up-arrows).

This is similar to how the advice box and lost items or certain dialogue choices can also boost your support - these features all work together, including gifts, to build a relationship with any given character.

Talk to a character to give them Gifts during Exploration.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Gifts: what to give to each character

Gifts can be obtained either through Quests, or they can eventually be purchased. Starting in the 9th Month of the Fodlan Calendar, two shops will open up that sell Gifts to Byleth. You can buy one of each type of Gift, once-per-month. A third shop opens up with more Gift items after the timeskip.

Below we show which characters like which Gifts the most, that is, the Gifts that will give them a large Support bonus (two up-arrows). We show this in two different ways:

  1. By Gift Item. Use this list if you have a Gift in your inventory and you want to know who to use it on most effectively.
  2. By Character. Use this list if there is a character you want to gain Support with and you need to know which Gift items to use.

Finally, there are Flowers. Flowers are a type of Gift item and work exactly the same way, except these can never be purchased. Instead, Flowers are gained by planting them at the monastery greenhouse, and then subsequentially harvesting them the next week. As Flowers are a bit more random, we list these separately from the other Gift items.

Note: There are some characters you cannot give Gifts to. This includes the House Leaders of the other classes, Hubert/Dedue, and some other storyline or minor characters.

This guide is in progress.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Gifts By Gift Item

  • Ancient Coin - Alois, Ashe, Balthus, Ignatz
  • Arithmetic Textbook - Annette, Constance, Hanneman, Lysithea, Yuri
  • Armored Bear Stuffy - Bernadetta, Edelgard, Flayn, Lysithea, Marianne, Mercedes
  • Board Game - Claude, Edelgard, Hubert, Sylvain, Yuri
  • Book of Crest Designs - Claude, Constance, Hanneman, Linhardt, Lysithea
  • Book of Sheet Music - Annette, Bernadetta, Dorothea, Hilda, Lorenz, Manuela, Shamir
  • Blue Cheese - Anna, Balthus, Catherine, Manuela
  • Ceremonial Sword - Balthus, Dimitri, Felix, Gilbert, Ignatz
  • Coffee Beans - Anna, Hapi, Hubert, Shamir
  • Dapper Handkerchief - Bernadetta, Flayn, Hanneman, Marianne, Seteth, Sylvain
  • Exotic Spices - Anna, Ashe, Claude, Dedue, Hapi, Petra, Shamir
  • Fishing Float - Alois, Gilbert, Leonie, Linhardt, Seteth
  • Floral Adornment - Alois, Dedue, Lorenz, Marianne
  • Gemstone Beads - Dorothea, Manuela, Mercedes
  • Goddess Statuette - Anna, Rhea, Gilbert, Ignatz, Manuela, Mercedes, Yuri
  • Hunting Dagger - Caspar, Cyril, Felix, Hapi, Jeritza, Leonie, Petra, Shamir
  • Landscape Painting - Anna, Bernadetta, Ignatz, Rhea, Sylvain
  • Legends of Chivalry - Ashe, Catherine, Ingrid
  • Monarch Studies Book - Edelgard
  • Owl Feather - All Characters
  • Riding Boots - Claude, Dimitri, Ferdinand, Ingrid
  • Smoked Meat - Caspar, Cyril, Felix, Hapi, Ingrid, Petra, Raphael
  • Stylish Hair Clip - Annette, Dorothea, Flayn
  • Tasty Baked Treat - Ashe, Flayn, Hapi, Jeritza, Linhardt, Lysithea, Mercedes, Raphael, Yuri
  • Tea Leaves - Constance, Ferdinand, Hanneman, Lorenz
  • The History of Fodlan - Hubert, Seteth
  • Training Weight - Catherine, Caspar, Dimitri, Felix, Leonie, Raphael
  • Watering Can - Bernadetta, Cyril, Dedue
  • Whetstone - Balthus, Catherine, Caspar, Dimitri, Ferdinand, Jeritza

These shops will sell gifts starting in Month #8. A third shop opens up after the timeskip.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Gifts By Character

Note: Owl Feather universally works well on all characters.

Black Eagles

  • Edelgard - Armored Bear Stuffy, Board Game, Monarch Studies Book
  • Hubert - Board Game, Coffee Beans, The History of Fodlan
  • Ferdinand - Riding Boots, Tea Leaves, Whetstone
  • Linhardt - Book of Crest Designs, Fishing Float, Tasty Baked Treat
  • Caspar - Smoked Meat, Training Weight, Whetstone
  • Bernadetta - Armored Bear Stuffy, Book of Sheet Music, Dapper Handkerchief, Landscape Painting, Watering Can
  • Dorothea - Book of Sheet Music, Gemstone Beads, Stylish Hair Clip
  • Petra - Exotic Spices, Hunting Dagger, Smoked Meat

Golden Deer

  • Claude - Board Game, Exotic Spices, Riding Boots, Book of Crest Designs
  • Hilda - Armored Bear Stuffy, Book of Sheet Music, Dapper Handkerchief, Gemstone Beads, Stylish Hair Clip
  • Leonie - Fishing Float, Hunting Dagger, Training Weight
  • Raphael - Smoked Meat, Tasty Baked Treat, Training Weight
  • Lorenz - Book of Sheet Music, Floral Adornment, Tea Leaves
  • Ignatz - Ancient Coin, Ceremonial Sword, Goddess Statuette, Landscape Painting
  • Marianne - Armored Bear Stuffy, Dapper Handkerchief, Floral Adornment
  • Lysithea - Arithmetic Textbook, Armored Bear Stuffy, Book of Crest Designs, Tasty Baked Treat

Blue Lions

  • Dimitri - Ceremonial Sword, Riding Boots, Training Weight, Whetstone
  • Dedue - Exotic Spices, Floral Adornment, Watering Can
  • Felix - Ceremonial Sword, Hunting Dagger, Smoked Meat, Training Weight
  • Sylvain - Board Game, Dapper Handkerchief, Landscape Painting
  • Ingrid - Legend of Chivalry, Riding Boots, Smoked Meat
  • Mercedes - Armored Bear Stuffy, Gemstone Beads, Goddess Statuette, Tasty Baked Treat
  • Annette - Arithmetic Textbook, Book of Sheet Music, Stylish Hair Clip
  • Ashe - Ancient Coin, Exotic Spices, Legend of Chivalry, Tasty Baked Treat

Ashen Wolves (Expansion Pass only)

  • Yuri - Arithmetic Textbook, Board Game, Goddess Statuette, Tasty Baked Treat
  • Balthus - Ancient Coin, Blue Cheese, Ceremonial Sword, Whetstone
  • Constance - Arithmetic Textbook, Book of Crest Designs, Tea Leaves
  • Hapi - Coffee Beans, Exotic Spices, Hunting Dagger, Smoked Meat, Tasty Baked Treat

Other Characters

  • Rhea - Goddess Statuette, Landscape Painting
  • Alois - Ancient Coin, Floral Adornment, Fishing Float
  • Cyril - Hunting Dagger, Smoked Meat, Watering Can
  • Manuela - Blue Cheese, Book of Sheet Music, Gemstone Beads, Goddess Statuette
  • Flayn - Armored Bear Stuffy, Dapper Handkerchief, Stylish Hair Clip, Tasty Baked Treat
  • Seteth - Fishing Float, Dapper Handkerchief, The History of Fodlan
  • Hanneman - Arithmetic Textbook, Book of Crest Designs, Dapper Handkerchief, Tea Leaves
  • Catherine (from Month #6) - Blue Cheese, Legend of Chivalry, Training Weight, Whetstone
  • Gilbert (from Month #8) - Ceremonial Sword, Fishing Float, Goddess Statuette
  • Shamir (from Month #9) - Book of Sheet Music, Coffee Beans, Exotic Spices, Hunting Dagger
  • Jeritza (Crimson Flower route only) - Tasty Baked Treat, Hunting Dagger, Whetstone, 
  • Anna (Expansion Pass only) - Blue Cheese, Coffee Beans, Exotic Spices, Goddess Statuette, Landscape Painting

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Flowers and Flower Gifts

Flowers are obtained by planting them at the Greenhouse.

Flowers can never be purchased. These are obtained semi-randomly by planting flowers at the greenhouse and harvesting them the next week. Because these cannot be purchased at will, we list these separately from the other Gift items above.

  • Anemone - Hilda
  • Baby's Breath - Cyril
  • Carnation - Edelgard
  • Forget-me-nots - Anna, Flayn, Ignatz
  • Lavender - Mercedes
  • Lily - Lysithea
  • Lily of the Valley - Constance, Marianne
  • Pitcher Plant - Bernadetta, Hapi
  • Rose - Jeritza, Lorenz
  • Sunflower - Alois, Petra, Shamir
  • Violet - Ashe
  • Daffodil - None (+1 to anyone)
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