Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Gift guide: Best Gifts for each character & Item Unlocks

The feature to give ally characters Gifts makes its return in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes - appropriate, given that the game that it's based on was the debut of gifts in the Fire Emblem series. The avatar protagonist Shez can give gifts of certain items to other ally characters in order to improve their support levels outside of battles. In this guide, you can check each character's preferred gifts, as well as the unlock timeline for the additional items.

Given that Three Hopes is an alternate telling of the same story with the same characters, there's unsurprisingly quite a bit over overlap with our Fire Emblem Three Houses gift guide. The only major difference, in fact, is that some characters are playable in Three Houses but aren't in Three Hopes - thus they don't have any gifts in the new Warriors game. That might all change down the line with a future update or DLC, however - and we'll update this page if other characters are added.

Broadly, however, we've now confirmed that every character returning from the original has the same set of favorite gifts. What are those gifts? We've got you covered:

How to unlock Gifts in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Expanding your Merchant Network with the Item Shopkeeper is key to unlocking all of the gifts in Three Hopes.

Almost all gifts in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes are available for purchase from the Item Shopkeeper in the base camp. However, many of them may not appear in the lineup at first - the shopkeeper slowly updates his inventory, with a little prompting from you. 

This is where you need to use the Expand Facility feature in order to make more items available. The same feature also has another set of unlocks that let you gradually reduce the item prices. This is the same for every house, and on every one of the various branching story routes in Three Hopes.

These are the starting lineup of gifts available right from the beginning of the game:

  • Floral Adornment - Dedue, Lorenz, Marianne
  • Fishing Float - Byleth, Jeralt, Leonie, Linhardt, Seteth
  • Tasty Baked Treat - Ashe, Flayn, Hapi, Jeritza, Linhardt, Lysithea, Mercedes, Raphael, Yuri
  • Gemstone Beads - Dorothea, Manuela, Mercedes
  • Smoked Meat - Caspar, Felix, Hapi, Holst, Ingrid, Jeralt, Petra, Raphael, Rodrigue
  • Hunting Dagger - Byleth, Caspar, Felix, Hapi, Jeritza, Leonie, Monica, Petra, Rodrigue, Shamir
  • Watering Can - Bernadetta, Dedue
  • Stylish Hair Clip - Annette, Dorothea, Flayn
  • Dapper Handkerchief - Bernadetta, Flayn, Marianne, Seteth, Sylvain

The following gifts are available after you Expand Merchant Network. Note that the game's demo also lets you gain access to these items:

  • Armored Bear Stuffy - Bernadetta, Edelgard, Flayn, Lysithea, Marianne, Mercedes
  • Training Weight - Byleth, Catherine, Caspar, Dimitri, Felix, Holst, Leonie, Raphael
  • Book of Sheet Music - Annette, Bernadetta, Dorothea, Gatekeeper, Hilda, Lorenz, Manuela, Shamir
  • Arithmetic Textbook - Annette, Constance, Lysithea, Monica, Yuri
  • The History of Fodlan - Byleth, Gatekeeper, Hubert, Monica, Seteth
  • Riding Boots - Claude, Dimitri, Ferdinand, Ingrid, Jeralt, Rodrigue
  • Tea Leaves - Constance, Ferdinand, Lorenz
  • Legends of Chivalry - Ashe, Catherine, Ingrid
  • Monarch Studies Book - Edelgard, Monica
  • Goddess Statuette - Gatekeeper, Ignatz, Manuela, Mercedes, Rhea, Yuri
  • Ancient Coin - Ashe, Balthus, Ignatz

The following items are listed after you Greatly Expand Merchant Network. As a side note, all gifts in this group are flowers that used to be earned from Gardening in Three Houses - but since this game lacks that feature, the flowers have instead become purchasable at the shop once you've got a relevant upgrade.

  • Pitcher Plant - Bernadetta, Hapi
  • Sunflower - Petra, Shamir
  • Violet - Ashe
  • Lavender - Mercedes
  • Daffodil - none
  • Rose - Jeritza, Lorenz
  • Forget-me-nots - Flayn, Ignatz
  • Lily - Lysithea
  • Lily of the Valley - Constance, Marianne
  • Baby's Breath - none
  • Anemone - Hilda
  • Carnation - Edelgard, Monica

The final group of gifts will appear only after you Drastically Expand Merchant Network in the late game.

  • Whetstone - Balthus, Byleth, Catherine, Caspar, Dimitri, Ferdinand, Jeralt, Jeritza, Rodrigue
  • Book of Crest Designs - Claude, Constance, Linhardt, Lysithea
  • Blue Cheese - Anna, Balthus, Catherine, Jeralt, Manuela, Rodrigue
  • Landscape Painting - Bernadetta, Ignatz, Rhea, Sylvain
  • Exotic Spices - Ashe, Claude, Dedue, Hapi, Holst, Petra, Shamir
  • Ceremonial Sword - Balthus, Dimitri, Felix, Ignatz
  • Board Game - Claude, Edelgard, Holst, Hubert, Sylvain, Yuri
  • Coffee Beans - Hapi, Hubert, Shamir

The last gift to be mentioned, Owl Feather, is an omnipotent item liked by every character in the game. If you have an Owl Perch installed through a bonus DLC, it will periodically generate a feather whenever an owl rests on it after you win a few battles. Otherwise, you can find Owl Feathers as rewards from several surveying spots on the War Map.

Favorite Gifts: Best Gift to give to each Character

Be careful when giving out gifts - you'll want to give every character a gift they love for maximum impact. This list will help you to give favorite gifts only.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes' Gift menu has several quality-of-life improvements over the original Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The previously empty part at the lower right segment now shows the character's general likes and dislikes as hints on which kinds of gifts they would prefer. And the column that previously showed a repetitive item grade rating now displays the character's preferences towards the items once you have given them at least once. Naturally, you can only give gifts to those characters that are playable for you - if you're missing someone, check our Three Hopes character unlock guide

Their favorite items will be marked with a heart, while most of the rest will end up becoming blank. Take note that there are some gifts that the character actually dislikes, and the game will also mark those with a negative-looking icon if you do actually present those to the said person.

However, if you really want to make your life easy, you can just lean on us for support. We have also compiled the list of favorite gifts for each character right below, so you instantly know which items to give to optimize the support level increases with each ally character.

Black Eagles / Scarlet Blaze / Adrestian Empire

  • Edelgard - Armored Bear Stuffy, Board Game, Monarch Studies Book
  • Hubert - Board Game, Coffee Beans, The History of Fodlan
  • Ferdinand - Riding Boots, Tea Leaves, Whetstone
  • Linhardt - Book of Crest Designs, Fishing Float, Tasty Baked Treat
  • Caspar - Smoked Meat, Training Weight, Whetstone
  • Bernadetta - Armored Bear Stuffy, Book of Sheet Music, Dapper Handkerchief, Landscape Painting, Watering Can
  • Dorothea - Book of Sheet Music, Gemstone Beads, Stylish Hair Clip
  • Petra - Exotic Spices, Hunting Dagger, Smoked Meat
  • Monica - Arithmetic Textbook, Carnation, Hunting Dagger, Monarch Studies Book, The History of Fodlan
  • Jeritza - Tasty Baked Treat, Hunting Dagger, Whetstone
  • Manuela - Blue Cheese, Book of Sheet Music, Gemstone Beads, Goddess Statuette

Blue Lions / Azure Gleam / Holy Kingdom of Faerghus

  • Dimitri - Ceremonial Sword, Riding Boots, Training Weight, Whetstone
  • Dedue - Exotic Spices, Floral Adornment, Watering Can
  • Felix - Ceremonial Sword, Hunting Dagger, Smoked Meat, Training Weight
  • Sylvain - Board Game, Dapper Handkerchief, Landscape Painting
  • Ingrid - Legend of Chivalry, Riding Boots, Smoked Meat
  • Mercedes - Armored Bear Stuffy, Gemstone Beads, Goddess Statuette, Tasty Baked Treat
  • Annette - Arithmetic Textbook, Book of Sheet Music, Stylish Hair Clip
  • Ashe - Ancient Coin, Exotic Spices, Legend of Chivalry, Tasty Baked Treat
  • Rodrigue - Blue Cheese, Hunting Dagger, Riding Boots, Smoked Meat, Whetstone
  • Flayn - Armored Bear Stuffy, Dapper Handkerchief, Stylish Hair Clip, Tasty Baked Treat
  • Seteth - Fishing Float, Dapper Handkerchief, The History of Fodlan
  • Catherine - Blue Cheese, Legend of Chivalry, Training Weight, Whetstone
  • Rhea - Goddess Statuette, Landscape Painting

Golden Deer / Golden Wildfire / Leicester Alliance

  • Claude - Board Game, Exotic Spices, Riding Boots, Book of Crest Designs
  • Hilda - Armored Bear Stuffy, Book of Sheet Music, Dapper Handkerchief, Gemstone Beads, Stylish Hair Clip
  • Leonie - Fishing Float, Hunting Dagger, Training Weight
  • Raphael - Smoked Meat, Tasty Baked Treat, Training Weight
  • Lorenz - Book of Sheet Music, Floral Adornment, Tea Leaves
  • Ignatz - Ancient Coin, Ceremonial Sword, Goddess Statuette, Landscape Painting
  • Marianne - Armored Bear Stuffy, Dapper Handkerchief, Floral Adornment
  • Lysithea - Arithmetic Textbook, Armored Bear Stuffy, Book of Crest Designs, Tasty Baked Treat
  • Holst - Board Game, Exotic Spices, Smoked Meat, Training Weight
  • Shamir - Book of Sheet Music, Coffee Beans, Exotic Spices, Hunting Dagger

Ashen Wolves and other characters

  • Yuri - Arithmetic Textbook, Board Game, Goddess Statuette, Tasty Baked Treat
  • Balthus - Ancient Coin, Blue Cheese, Ceremonial Sword, Whetstone
  • Constance - Arithmetic Textbook, Book of Crest Designs, Tea Leaves
  • Hapi - Coffee Beans, Exotic Spices, Hunting Dagger, Smoked Meat, Tasty Baked Treat
  • Byleth - Fishing Float, Hunting Dagger, The History of Fodlan, Training Weight, Whetstone
  • Jeralt - Blue Cheese, Fishing Float, Riding Boots, Smoked Meat, Whetstone
  • Gatekeeper - Book of Sheet Music, Goddess Statuette, The History of Fodlan