Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Byleth & True Ending: How to recruit Byleth and unlock the Secret End

Fans of Byleth, the Ashen Demon, are in for a surprise upon first booting up Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Byleth is back, but due to the interesting ways in which it changes the story of Three Houses, they're back as a foe rather than an ally. Seeing a character who was once a silent protagonist now voiced and fighting against you begs the question: Can I recruit them?

We're happy to say, yes you can Recruit Byleth to your squad and bring tehm back around to your way of thinking. Furthermore, recruiting Byleth is actually required if you want to see the best ending for each of the branching storyline routes on offer in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

On this page, we explain when and how you can recruit Byleth, plus offer a little information on Byleth as a fighting unit. If you want help with obtaining a full cast of characters, check out our Three Hopes Character Recruitment guide. 

How to Recruit Byleth in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Byleth makes a return in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, but recruiting them to your cause isn't easy.

First thing's first - it's worth noting that Byleth comes in a recruiting pair with Jeralt, a character that FE Three Houses fans will know has a distinct connection to them. Exactly when you can recruit Byleth will depend on which story branch you're playing - that is, which of the three houses you chose to join. That's right, Byleth can be recruited regardless of the route:

To recruit both Byleth and Jeralt will depend on specific actions taken in the main mission of the above chapters across each route. However, recruiting them is a lot different than every other character and can have severe reprecussions on the story. By recruiting them, you'll gain access to extra chapters of the story and learn more about the lore of the world. This also leads to the true ending of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

In most cases, for Byleth to be recruited, Alois has to die. Sorry, Alois.

In all cases, recruiting Byleth requires careful management of the battlefield on the chapter in question. A general rule of thumb is to avoid direct combat with them and focus on their employer in the chapter where they can be recruited.

We've got a full guide on Three Hopes character recruitment and triggering the alternative story paths which lead to the true ending, which includes recruiting Byleth - and we highly recommend you head there for the lengthy in-depth description of how to succeed in all three houses. However, here's a shortened version:

Scarlet Blaze Byleth Recruitment:

All of this takes place during Chapter 10.

  • You must have the Resonant Lightning strategy. Play the mission until you can initiate that strategy, and keep your army on the right-hand side of the map.
  • When a sub-mission triggers to fight Byleth, do not engage - which is why you keep your army on the right side fo the map, to avoid accidental engagement. 
  • Send all your units towards where Rodrigue is, all-out attack. Defeat Alois at the gate, and then clear the inside before Byleth or Jeralt return.
  • If at any point you end up fighting Jeralt or Byleth, you've failed and need to restart.
  • With Rodrigue defeated, Byleth and Jeralt join you.
Once part of your house, Byleth functions like any other character - just a particularly powerful one.

Azure Gleam Byleth Recruitment:

To recruit Byleth with Dimitri's group, you'll need to be prepared for Chapter 12.

  • Clear the first objective of fighting the four marked enemies. But then wait.
  • After this, consolidate your army in the middle or the bottom of the map, and wait for the 'Locate Ambushers' strategy to appear. 
  • Initiate Locate Ambushers, and then watch the map, where an arrow moves through a path. Follow this path, avoiding the top-right and bottom-middle of the map. 
  • If you're caught by the ambushers at any point, you've lost the chance to recruit Byleth and must restart or reload a quick save.
  • When a sub-mission triggers in the bottom right of the map, take some units to it. Kill Fleche.
  • Now, you just need to kill Randolph without engaging with Byleth or Jeralt. This can be hard when Byleth is making a bee-line for you - but it is possible.

Golden Wildfire Byleth Recruitment:

All of this takes place in Chapter 10, which is Claude's one chance to turn Byleth around.

  • The challenge here is to complete all of the missions well - except for Arval's mission where you're told to fight Byleth, as ever, you need to avoid fighting Byleth or Jeralt to have a shot at recruiting them.
  • Claude's plan involves luring Byleth, so you'll need to move your army around the map carefully to avoid clashing.
  • Broadly speaking, you want to escort Claude to smoothly lure Byleth to the south-eastern stronghold, then block the entrance to keep Byleth at bay.
  • At this point, rush for the boss room and defeat Fleche. You need to be fast, as Byleth will try to give chase.

Byleth as a playable character

Recruiting Byleth in Three Hopes will allow you to get to know them a little better, and from a new perspective.

Byleth joins as one of the best fighters in your army. They're special ability in battle allows them to freeze time in an area around them, stacking up damage before restoring the flow of time and having it all unleash upon their foes. Byleth also has a unique class, that parallels the one they had in the original Three Houses: The Enlightened One.

Byleth and Jeralt can have supports, but they're very limited. Both of them can have at least a C support level with every unit, but not support conversations. The only support conversations they can have is with each other and your player character, Shez. There are some touching moments across these, and you even will be able to have fun new paralogues unlocked by bringing them into your army. Both can also be taken out on expeditions, be given new classes such as dancer, be taken on expeditions and receive gifts.

If you want the most out of the story of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes and want your army buffed out as much as possible, you're definitely going to want to recruit Byleth. It won't be easy, but it'll definitely be worth it.