Fire Emblem: Three Houses Romance guide: all romanceable characters and S-Rank supports

While Fire Emblem: Three Houses is about strategy, tactics and war at heart, it follows in line with the rest of the series in that there's a fair bit of love in the game, too - in a sense, Fire Emblem is traditionally part dating-sim, allowing the player to embark on both platonic and romantic relationships.

In Three Houses you'll first choose between a male or a female protagonist, and from there you'll embark on a journey as a professor at the monastery's academy - and while there you'll have the chance to get to know many of the students and staff there. Some of these are romanceable characters, meaning you can embark on a romantic relationship with them. There are even some same-sex romance options. Here's how it all works.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses Romanceable Characters: who they are and how they work, including bisexual, gay and lesbian options

For those less familiar with the Fire Emblem series, here's how relationships work in general in Three Houses: as characters get to know each other, their 'Support', which basically means their relationship, raises through the ranks. Support isn't just about story - it also helps to determine how helpful characters are to each other in battle. A C-Rank support will offer less assistance to an ally than an A-Rank support.

At the top of this tree are S-Rank  Supports. Typically in Fire Emblem S-Rank support options have been reserved for romantic relationships and have even in the past resulted in the arrival of in-game children, but in Three Houses things are a little different in that there are also a couple of platonic S-Rank supports.

In terms of raising support rank in order to improve a friendship or shoot for a romantic relationship, there are a few ways you can go about it:

  • Dialogue Choices when speaking to a character can impact their support level
  • Returning Lost Items to characters when found can raise their support level
  • Giving Gifts and Flowers to characters will raise their support rank
  • Using the Advice Box to give the correct advice will raise support with the question asker
  • Taking a character for tea time will raise their support if you do it right
  • Sometimes answering a Lecture Question the correct way will also raise that character's support
  • When they're available, spending time with a character for a support conversation raises the rank
  • Finally, when characters fight alongside each other in battle (by performing actions on each other or when in adjacent squares on the battlefield), they'll rank up their support.

All of the above will raise a character's support in general, though you'll only have the chance to take things to the next level with a character if they're a romanceable character - if they're actually interested in being pursued by you.

There are two lists of romance options - one for the male protagonist and one for the female protagonist. On top of this, you'll want a character to be in your squad if you're romancing them -  so in some cases that'll mean recruiting a character to your cause - but beware, some characters are faction-exclusive. 

Below we've listed all of the S-Rank characters for both male and female Byleth, if they're romantic or not, and if they're same-sex relationships.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses Romance Options - Male Byleth

Here are all of the S-Rank character support relationship options for Male Byleth, including a couple of same-sex relationships (Alois, Glibert, and Linhardt). Despite reaching S-Rank, it's worth noting that two of these are platonic S-Rank relationships - so there is really only one same-sex romantic relationship option for the male protagonist - Linhardt.

  • Alois (Faculty, non-romantic platonic relationship)
  • Annette (Blue Lions)
  • Bernadetta (Black Eagles)
  • Catherine (Faculty)
  • Constance (Ashen Wolves, Expansion Pass only)
  • Dorothea (Black Eagles)
  • Edelgard (Black Eagles only)
  • Flayn (Monastery)
  • Gilbert (Faculty, non-romantic platonic relationship)
  • Hapi (Ashen Wolves, Expansion Pass only)
  • Hilda (Golden Deer)
  • Ingrid (Blue Lions)
  • Jeritza (Black Eagles, Crimson Flower, same-sex relationship)
  • Leonie (Golden Deer)
  • Linhardt (Black Eagles, same-sex relationship)
  • Lysithea (Golden Deer)
  • Manuela (Faculty)
  • Marianne (Golden Deer)
  • Mercedes (Blue Lions)
  • Petra (Black Eagles)
  • Rhea (Monastery)
  • Shamir (Faculty)
  • Sothis (??)
  • Yuri (Ashen Wolves, same-sex relationship, Expansion Pass only)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Romance Options - Female Byleth

Female Byleth fares a little better than Male Byleth - she has more S-Rank relationship options overall, more of them are romance storylines, and she has more same-sex relationship options.

  • Alois (Faculty, non-romantic platonic relationship)
  • Ashe (Blue Lions)
  • Balthus (Ashen Wolves, Expansion Pass only)
  • Caspar (Black Eagles)
  • Claude (Golden Deer only)
  • Cyril (Monastery)
  • Dedue (Blue Lions only)
  • Dimitri (Blue Lions only)
  • Dorothea (Black Eagles, same-sex relationship)
  • Edelgard (Black Eagles only, same-sex relationship)
  • Felix (Blue Lions)
  • Ferdinand (Black Eagles)
  • Gilbert (Faculty, non-romantic platonic relationship, Blue Lions route only)
  • Hanneman (Faculty)
  • Hubert (Black Eagles only)
  • Ignatz (Golden Deer)
  • Jeritza (Black Eagles, Crimson Flower)
  • Linhardt (Black Eagles)
  • Lorenz (Golden Deer)
  • Mercedes (Blue Lions, same-sex relationship)
  • Raphael (Golden Deer)
  • Rhea (Monastery, same-sex relationship, can only be obtained on the Silver Snow timeskip route)
  • Seteth (Faculty)
  • Sothis (??, same-sex relationship)
  • Sylvain (Blue Lions)
  • Yuri (Ashen Wolves, Expansion Pass only)