Fire Emblem: Three Houses Paralogues: paralogue list and rewards

While Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a lot of different side quests, perhaps the most important ones are Paralogues - unique character-based quests that can be undertaken to unlock some great bonuses including powerful battalions, hero relic gear and other useful items. 

There are some things to consider and keep in mind about paralogues in Fire Emblem Three Houses - so let's just quickly run down those:

  • The key characters involved in a paralogue must be part of your house/combat party in order to undertake it. That means that in order to undertake certain paralogues you'll need to recruit the character it's about.
    • This also means that some paralogue quests are house-specific, and aren't available to other houses.
    • Some paralogue quests are linked to two characters. In that instance, you'll need to have access to both characters in order to undertake the quest.
  • Paralogue missions are time-limited. Each paralogue quest in Three Houses will trigger at a certain point in the in-game calendar, and will also disappear at a certain point - this varies greatly. Essentially, you should make sure that you tackle missiosn as soon as you can.
    • On this topic, Paralogues are split into pre-timeskip and post-timeskip. One or two carry over, but most pre-timeskip paralogues are not available after the timeskip.
    • Paralogues use Battle Activity Points. This means uou can tackle a limited amount, so plan accordingly.
  • Don't forget the rewards - including Support Rank gains. Beating paralogue quests will usually net you some decent quality items, but also some powerful, exclusive items. On top of this, paralogue missions raise your support rank - so you may want to prioritize characters you want to reach S-Rank with, including romanceable characters.

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Pre-Timeskip Paralogue List & Paralogue Rewards 

Here's all of the paralogue missions that we've discovered so far in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. If you have notes, changes or additions, please let us know in the comments - this page is a work in progress. 

Note: In order to get some of the rewards, such as Hero's Relics, you might need the proper character recruited into your party to actually obtain it.

  • The Forgotten (Sylvain) 
    • Reward: Best Reward is Lance of Ruin Hero's Relic, Talisman, Longbow, Extra Large Bullion, Gautier Knights Battalion. Can get Energy Drop, Short Spear, Goddess Ring, Magic Staff, Speedwing, Advanced Seal in battle.
  • An Ocean View (Flayn and Seteth) 
    • Reward: Spear of Assal and Caduceus Staff, Cichol Wvyern Co. Battalion, Cethleann Monks Battalion, enemy drops Levin Sword
  • Death Toll (Raphael and Ignatz) 
    • Reward: Victor Private Military Battalion, save people for Extra Large Bullion, Short Axe, Short Spear, Killer Bow
  • Falling Short of Heaven (Ashe and Catherine) 
    • Reward: Shoes of the Wind, Critical Ring, Umbral Steel. Can get a Secret Book in battle.
  • Land of the Golden Deer (Lorenz)
    • Reward: Thrysus Hero's Relic, Gloucester Knights Battalion, can get Devil Sword and Advanced Seal in battle
  • Oil and Water (Manuela and Hannemann)
    • Rewards: Rapier, Battalions: Macuil Evil Repelling Co, Indech Sword Fighters, an enemy drops Experience Gem
    • Choice: A choice before battle between the two characters will raise affinity with the one you choose.
  • Rumored Nuptials (Ingrid and Dorothea) 
    • Reward: Luin Hero's Relic, , Goddess Ring, Galatea Pegasus Co Battalion (Only if Ingrid is recruited). Can get Killer Axe, Prayer Ring, Healing Staff, Devil Axe, Antitoxin in battle.
  • Sword and Shield of Seiros (Alois and Shamir) 
    • Rewards: Large Bullion, Seraph Robe, Seiros Archers Battalion
    • Choice: After Battle pick "It was good training"
  • Tales of the Red Canyon (Sothis) 
    • Rewards: Umbral Steel, Divine Pulse Charge, can find Knowledge Gem in a chest
    • Choice: After battle pick "I'm proud of us"
  • True Chivalry (Felix) 
    • Reward: Aegis Shield is the best reward for saving all the townsmen, Extra Large Bullion
  • War for the Weak (Dedue) 
    • Reward: Dedue will be present after the timeskip, Duscur Heavy Soldiers Battalion
  • Dividing the World (Hilda and Cyril)
    • Reward: Freikugel
  • The Secret Merchant (Anna, Expansion Pass only)
    • Reward: Secret Transport Force Battalion,  Several money drops, elixirs, concoctions, can get Hammer & Horseslayer from enemies
    • Note: If you are on Crimson Flower path, then this Paralogue is post-timeskip and Jeritza will join.
  • Black Market Scheme (Balthus, Hapi, Expansion Pass only)
    • Reward: Leicester Dicers Corps Battalion, Timotheos Magi Corp Battalion, Vajra-Mushti brawl weapon
  • A Cursed Relic (Yuri, Constance, Expansion Pass only)
    • Reward: Mockingbird's Thieves Battalion, Nuvelle Fliers Corps Battalion, Fetters of Dromi equipment

Post-Timeskip Paralogue List & Paralogue Rewards

While post-timeskip Fire Emblem Three Houses changes the manner of the game somewhat, but the paralogue quests continue rolling in. Here's the paralogue list, plus associated rewards, for that segment of the game.

  • The Silver Maiden (Dimitri)
    • Azure Moon route only
    • DO NOT SAVE at the preparations screen of this paralogue - there's a game-breaking glitch.
  • Foreign Land and Sky (Bernadetta and Petra)
    • Reward: Varley Archers Battalion, Brigid Hunters Battalion, Brigid Mercenaries Battalion
    • Choice: Before battle choose "Lend me your strength"
  • Retribution (Ferdinand and Lysithea)
    • Reward: Shield of Ochain
    • Not Available on Crimson Flower
  • Weathervanes of Fodlan (Annette and Gilbert)
    • C-Rank support between Annette and Gilbert Required
    • Azure Moon route only
    • Reward: Crusher
  • The Face Beneath (Caspar and Mercedes)
    • Reward: Rafail Gem, Scythe of Sariel if Caspar defeats the Death Knight
    • Death Knight must be defeated before routing the rest of the enemies if you want the Scythe
    • Not Available on Crimson Flower
  • Legend of the Lake (Linhardt and Leonie)
    • Reward: The Inexhaustible, Hevring Prayer Troops Battalion, Sauin Militia Battalion. Can get Spirit dust from a drop. Short Axe, Extra Large Bullion, Umbral Steel in chests.
  • Forgotten Hero (Marianne)
    • Reward: Blutgang, Edmund Troops Battalion. Can get Giant Shell drop (enemy monster in upper left).
  • Darkness Beneath the Earth (Hubert)
    • Crimson Flower route only
    • Reward: Arrow of Indra, Can get Seraph Robe in a chest.
  • Insurmountable (Edelgard)
    • Crimson Flower route only
    • Reward: Holst's Chosen Battalion. Silver Shield can be dropped by an enemy.
  • The Sleeping Sand Legend (Claude)
    • Verdant Wind route only
    • Reward: Sword of Begalta
  • Eternal Guardian (Rhea)
    • C-Rank support with Rhea required
    • Reward: Seiros Shield