RPG Site Games of the Decade Feature - the Decade Memoirs

Ten years is a long time. Think back to who you were a decade ago. Things changed. You’ve grown. Chances are, you aren’t exactly the same person as from back then. We’ve all embarked on incredible personal journeys to get to where we are today. Marking the end of a defined 10 year period doesn’t mean these treks are over, but putting them into words can help us see how much we’ve accomplished.

Instead of your usual ranked list trying to pin down the “top” games throughout 2010-2019, we at RPG Site wanted to take a more personal approach. Conceptualizing this feature wasn’t an easy task because when you hear someone’s “game of the decade”, we naturally think that’s the game that someone enjoyed the most or rated it far and above from the rest.

This is a bit different though. Video games are naturally a big part of our lives here at RPG Site. Rather than trying to search our feelings for what we thought was the best one, we wanted to really dig deep and discover the single most impactful RPG that affected our lives in the past ten years.

Welcome to RPG Site’s “Games of the Decade” feature - the Decade Memoirs.

We want to emphasize once again that this “Games of the Decade” feature is not a ranked list for the ‘best’ or ‘top’ games throughout 2010-2019. It’s a collection of personal essays and recollections from several of our writers on staff revisiting the single game that affected their lives the most throughout the last decade. Not all of them will be available at once; new chapters will be added on in the next few days to come.

Some of these pieces do contain spoilers on a writer’s selected game and highly sensitive themes, so reader discretion is advised.

The First Tale: George Foster - Kingdom Hearts III

The Second Tale: Lucas Rivarola - Persona 4 Golden

The Third Tale: Kite Stenbuck - Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition

The Fourth Tale: Cullen Black - NieR

The Fifth Tale: Alex Donaldson - Mass Effect 2

The Sixth Tale: Elizabeth Henges - Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland

The Seventh Tale: Bryan Vitale - Fallout: New Vegas

The Eighth Tale: Dani Maddox - Kentucky Route Zero

The Final Tale: Josh Torres - Dragon's Dogma