Rune Factory 4 Special - All License Exam Questions and Answers

Licenses are perhaps some of the most important things to obtain in Rune Factory 4 Special, as they allow the player to not only craft delicious food items to permanently raise their stats or give tasty dishes to their potential romantic partner, but additionally allow the player to craft weapons, accessories and even brew potent healing potions. And for those looking to romance the bachelorettes of Rune Factory 4 Special you’ll also be able to craft an engagement ring to tie the knot!

Rune Factory 4 is a big ol' game with a lot of things to get your head around - and as well as this guide we've got pages on Romance, Dating and Marriage and how to unlock more costumes, so check 'em out! 

Rune Factory 4 Special License Exam Questions & Answers

Players can obtain licenses by taking exams at the Prince/Princess Board next to Ventuswill. Unlocking these licenses aren’t too difficult, but they do come with a small exam attached to every individual one you’ll be redeeming with your Prince/Princess points. Keep in mind that only upon passing your exam will your Prince/Princess points be subtracted from your total, so don’t worry about messing up as you’ll be able to try again until you get it right. We’ve compiled all of the questions and answers that accompany each exam when redeeming your license so you’ll be able to unlock your crafting station of choice from the get go!

EZ Cooking License

Required to Purchase: Knife, Frying Pan, Mixer
Can be taken after talking to Porcoline at Porcoline’s Kitchen for the first time.
Cost: 100 PP

Exam Questions: 

  1. You can learn recipes for cooking by:
    - Answer: Eating Cooking Bread.
  2. If your Cooking Skill is lower than the difficulty level of the dish:
    - Answer: You need more RP.
  3. If you succeed in making difficult dishes, your Cooking Skill will gain:
    - Answer: More Exp.

Pro Cooking License

Required to Purchase: Oven, Steamer, Pot
Can be taken after Ordering the EZ Cooking License.
Cost: 500 PP

Exam Questions: 

  1. In the empty slots on a recipe, it is better to add:
    - Answer: Vegetables.
  2. If you add something inedible to a dish as an arrangement, you can make:
    - Answer: Something dreadful.
  3. If you use high-level ingredients, you can make:
    - Answer: A high-level dish.
  4. When you make a dish without a recipe:
    - Answer: You need much more RP.

Chemistry License

Required to Purchase: Chemistry Set
Can be taken after talking to either Jones or Nancy at the Tiny Bandage clinic after beating the first boss.
Cost: 100 PP

Exam Questions: 

  1. With the Chemistry Set, medicine can be crafted from:
    - Answer: Plants, flowers, etc.
  2. If your max RP is lower than the RP needed:
    - Answer: Crafting cannot occur.

Forging License

Required to Purchase: Forge
Can be taken after talking to Bado at the Blacksmith’s after you’ve gotten to the Water Ruins.
Cost: 200 PP

Exam Questions:

  1. If you have a valid recipe and enough RP to craft, you will:
    - Answer: Definitely succeed.
  2. When you fail to craft something, you will:
    - Answer: Get scrap metal.
  3. When you craft a weapon with a known recipe, or which you've possessed before, it requires:
    - Answer: Less RP. Much easier!

Crafting License

Required to Purchase: Crafting Table
Can be taken after talking to Bado at the Blacksmith’s after you’ve gotten to the Water Ruins.
Cost: 200 PP

Exam Questions: 

  1. With a crafting table, you can craft:
    - Answer: Hats, shoes, armor, etc.
  2. When equipment is augmented with materials, it:
    - Answer: Gains an added effect.
  3. To get Cooking Bread for accessories, you must:
    - Answer: Buy it from Porcoline.