Rune Factory 4 Special Costumes guide: how to get all outfits

Rune Factory 4 Special has a plethora of things to spend your well-earned money on from making your farm larger to getting that coveted double bed for marriage, and even buying a closet full of colorful and fun costumes to wear during special festive events. Let’s be honest, that’s probably why you’re here - to figure out how to obtain that coveted closet and all of those fancy outfits that seem far from your reach.

Don’t worry! Obtaining both of these things isn’t too terribly hard and can be done quite simply, so keep on reading so you too can traipse around dungeons in your swimwear or wear your wedding attire when harvesting pumpkins when the mood strikes.

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How to Unlock Costumes in Rune Factory 4

Firstly, in order to obtain the closet you’ll need to order Blossom’s Shop to sell furniture. This can be done for 800P at the Prince/Princess board found in the same room as Ventuswill. After you’ve done that you can buy the closet from Blossom’s Shop. Buying the closet doesn’t mean that all of the clothing opens in Rune Factory 4 will be available to you, however. You’ll also need to order the Clothing Shop which can also be done at the Prince/Princess board after you’ve raised your Prince/Princess rank high enough. This will now unlock the ability to buy costumes at the costume shop outside of town. 

The costume shop might be a little hard to spot at first since it isn’t actually a new building, but instead, you can buy costumes from the house directly to your left when leaving the city. Talk to the NPC inside to buy the costume of your choice, and if you’re looking to buy the swimwear for the summer beach festival you can do so here.

In order to unlock the Clothing Shop and expand Blossom’s selection of wares, you’ll want to ship at least one item every day, this includes your first-day managing tasks at the farm. Story completion also helps speed up this process, but shipping is a sure-fire way to raise your rank and attract more tourists so you’ll be able to snag costumes and switch up your wardrobe in no time at all!