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Nioh 2 Character Creation Codes

One of the best new elements in Nioh 2 is the ability to create your own character with the extensive creation suite. There’s a surprising amount of depth to be found with the creator, and people have already managed to make several awesome look-alikes. Best of all, these characters can be shared with a simple code, so anyone can play as your creation. 

Once you’ve finished editing your character, you'll be given the option to save and share it. Choosing to share it will give you a code that you can then be coped by other people. If you want to play as someone else's creation, all you have to do is select "Input character creation code" and then enter the corresponding code. 

To save you the hassle of scouring the internet, we've rounded up some of the coolest character creations we could find...

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Big Boss 

Code: icVfiL is8f3&i

Made by Valfreze

Majima Goro

Code: a3zF=N rt78v$z

Made by QuizmasterJack 

Hisoka Morow

Code: fUW+xeu @KE8uS

Made by Elfington

Handsome Squidward (yes, really) 

Code: aLC?w25 [email protected]

Made by Erijian


Code: 2z&mhc NqYxeZS

Made by legend27_marco


Code: NiJxKS HD2v2ei

Made by DragonicSamurai


Code: ?$ppc7r Q&sd6c

Made by Aelonia 


Code: jpG?DS @y3dt$S

Made by JustARTificia1


Code: &pQU4RE QuYwuz 

Made by JayHeartay

Kanye West

Code: 9vCvSQJ GRJ4sC

Made by broadclip

Xiahou Dun 

Code: 7vjMbxu dmviN3

Made by Dreelan

Geralt of Rivia 

Code: GGgj5ux sZ3khk

Made by ChixWixDix


Code: DhuHuvk zm?z?F

Made by sebapin8

Castlevania Dracula

Code: KUAmo6 bRbtbEV

Made by sebapin8


Code: hUCsz& Cs&5NrU 

Made by Sett14


Code: NSZFtu @%UxsBi

Made by sdmuro


Code: 7c?dD3 mce7nQA

Made by Dr_Hunk_Hugebod

Harley Quinn 

Code: r9&L=p @[email protected]

Made by gpd461

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