Nioh 2 Respec: how to change your stats and skills with the Book of Reincarnation

Nioh 2 features a range of different playstyles for players to try out, and how you play can be massively affected by your stats. Feeling like you made the wrong choice at the start of the game? Don’t worry, there’s a way around that - Nioh 2 features a respec option to reset skills and stats which will let you start over anew.

The respec, which involves the use of a special item called the Book of Reincarnation, will let you simply reset your character from scratch, meaning that the indecisive can start over. Making decisions around skills is almost as hard as Nioh 2's character creation - but you'll have to get a little way into the story before you can reset skills. Here's how it all works...


How to reset skills and stats in Nioh 2 with the Book of Reincarnation Respec

The first step towards respecing is to complete the second story mission, "The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames". Once you’ve done this, you unlock the ability to see the Blacksmith. The Blacksmith has a number of different functions, but the main one we’re interested in here is buying an item off her. 

Once you’ve selected ‘buy items’, what you want to get is the Book of Reincarnation. This book will let you respec your character however you want, giving you back all of your points whilst keeping your progress. The book initially costs 10,000, and will go up to 30,000 after buying it once and 100,000 on the third time.


You can buy the book and change your stats as many times as you want, but keep in mind how expensive this will be. This will become slightly less of an issue if you’re choosing to respec towards the end of the game, but if you’re trying to do this after the first few missions then expect to grind to get the money you need. 

If you're worried about money, there is another way of unlocking the Book of Reincarnation. Once you've completed the first mission of the third region, you'll unlock the Hidden Teahouse. This special store uses Glory as a currency to buy several different items. One of these items is the Book of Reincarnation, which will cost you 800 Glory. That's still quite expensive, but at least you won't be getting rid of any money. 

If you're looking for the best way to earn Glory in Nioh 2, look no further - you can get Glory and Ochoko Cups from defeating Revenants - so hit that guide for tips on that, which is arguably the best way to grind the currency out.