Xenoblade Chronicles Colony 6 Reconstruction Guide - Where to find materials and people in rebuilding the destroyed colony

One of the major optional side events in Xenoblade Chronicles is the reconstruction of Colony 6. This is an event that takes place over the course of the entire game, and cannot be fully completed until the very end of the game.

Primarily, reconstructing Colony 6 requires two things, material items (either Collectables or enemy drop items) and recruited NPCs. 

There are 4 reconstruction categories that are upgraded independently of each other: Housing, Commerce, Nature, and Special. Each category can be raised from Level 0 to Level 5 by offering the listed items and monetary amount. 

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Xenoblade Chronicles Colony 6 Reconstruction - Getting Started

The Colony 6 Reconstruction event is first available after Satorl Marsh. At this point you can head back to Colony 6 and accept the quest “The Road Home” from Otharon. This quest requires you to defeat some monsters at Raquel Bridge, and then speaking to Juju at the Refugee Camp to move the refugees to Colony 6. This quest can be somewhat difficult if acceptable at the earliest possible point available. Note that this acts as a missables cutoff point for several Refugee Camp quests

Note: “The Road Home” is mutually exclusive with a later quest “To Colony 6!”, which is essentially the same quest under a different name. If you do not complete “The Road Home” before meeting Miqol in Hidden Machina Village, then as Otharon moves to Alcamoth, a different NPC named Dulland will offer the substitute “To Colony 6!” quest instead. It does have a better EXP/gold reward (being a later game quest) but it starts the Colony 6 reconstruction all the same.

Xenoblade Chronicles Colony 6 Upgrade Requirements


The main benefit to upgrading Housing is to increase population numbers, which allows more NPCs to be recruited.

Level 1

  • 9,000 G
  • 2x Spotted Volff Hide -Fight Volff on Bionis’ Leg
  • 2x Steel Silk - Collectable in Tephra Cave; trade with Peppino in Colony 9

Level 2

  • 19,000 G
  • 4x Bunnia Scent Wood - Fight Ogre Bunnia north of Glowing Obelisk in Satorl Marsh; trade with Bokoko in Satorl Marsh
  • Fossil Monkey - Collectable in Makna Forest; trade with Puko in Frontier Village

Level 3

  • 55,000 G
  • Eks Iron Heart - Fight Eks in Makna Forest 
  • 4x Sturdy Armor - Fight Flavel Andos in Eryth Sea; trade with Galdo in Alcamoth
  • 2x Oil Branch - Collectable in Eryth Sea

Level 4

  • 120,000 G
  • 5x Ponio Hoof Seal - Fight Lampo Ponio on Fallen Arm during the night or trade with Eleqa at the Hidden Machina Village.  
  • 3x Royal Volff Hide - Fight Caelum Volff on Fallen Arm during the night or trade with Xekit at the Hidden Machina Village. 
  • 3x Warning Lamp - Collectable in Fallen Arm
  • 2x Retro Diode - Collectable in Mechonis Field or Colony 6

Level 5

  • 300,000 G
  • 2x Vang Star Wing - Fight Tempest Vang in Windy Cave on Bionis Leg
  • 3x Gogol Horn - Fight Gogols near Raguel Bridge on Bionis Leg
  • 2x Red Frontier - Collectable in Sword Valley; trade with Rizaka in Hidden Machina Village
  • 2x Black Styrene - Collectable in Central Factory or Colony 6
  • 3x Rainbow Zirconia - Collectable in Colony 9 or Colony 6


The primary benefit of raising Commerce is to open up more shops in Colony 6.

Level 1

  • 10,000 G
  • 2x Igna Hide Jacket - Fight Igna in Satorl Marsh
  • 2x Amblygon Turtle - Collectable in Colony 6; trade with Arda in Colony 6

Level 2

  • 22,000 G
  • 3x Hode Plank - Fight Hyle Hode in Makna Forest; trade with Lupa in Frontier Village
  • 2x Ready Coil - Collectable in Ether Mine

Level 3

  • 55,000 G
  • 3x Shiny Kromar Hide - Fight Palti and Somati Kromar in Eryth Sea
  • 2x Slick Kromar Stone - Fight Maleza, Otol, or Tussock Kromars in Eryth Sea
  • 2x Blue Ladybird - Collectable in High Entia Tomb

Level 4

100,000 G

  • 5x Piranhax Fishmeal - Fight Fair Piranhax on Fallen Arm. Sadly there is no trade option for this.
  • 8x Silver Antol Fibre - Fight antols on Fallen Arm, or trade with Shilx or Razket at the Hidden Machina Village.
  • 3x Sour Turnip - Collectable in Fallen Arm
  • 2x Mossy Panel - Collectable Mechonis Field; trade with Nopo’rikh in Colony 6

Level 5

  • 250,000 G
  • Ocean Elixir of Life - Fight Kyel Lexos at Freight Road in Colony 6. Only appears during rain and after Mechonis Core events
  • 4x Ancient Sardi Meat - Fight Throne Sardi at Agora Shore in Colony 9
  • 2x Art Core Coil - Collectable in Galahad Fortress; trade with Kazat in Hidden Machina Village
  • Fortune Feather - Collectable in Agniratha or Colony 6
  • 4x Hill Firefly - Collectable on Bionis Leg


The main advantage to upgrading nature is that it boosts the level of Ether Crystals obtained in Colony 6 and Ether Mine.

Level 1

  • 5,000 G
  • 2x Sharp Hox Spur - Fight Hox near Jabos Rock Rest Area on Bionis' Leg
  • 2x Dark Grape - Collectable in Tephra Cave

Level 2

  • 18,000 G
  • 2x Quadwing Bag - Fight Coppice Quadwing in Satorl Marsh
  • 3x Empress Beetle - Collectable in Frontier Village

Level 3

  • 40,000 G
  • 3x Jagged Tail - Fight Eryth Hiln in Eryth Sea
  • 2x Despair Clover - Collectable in Eryth Sea
  • 2x Ice Cabbage - Collectable in Valak Mountain (rare)

Level 4

  • 99,000 G
  • 3x Caterpile Silk - Fight Royal Caterpile in Windy Cave on Bionis' Leg; can obtain via trading with Sylviane in Colony 9 via overtrade or trade with Dorothy near Dunban's house.
  • 3x Hox Daylight Spur - Fight Dark Hox or White Hox underneath Raguel Bridge on Bionis' Leg;  can obtain via trading with Jer'ell in Colony 6 via overtrade or Bozatrox at the Machina Refuge in Mechonis Field if she hasn't moved yet.
  • 3x Oil Oyster - Collectable on Fallen Arm
  • 3x White Plum - Collectable on Fallen Arm

Level 5

  • 280,000 G
  • 3x Ardun Elder Beard - fight Magnis Ardun near Rho Oasis on Bionis’ Leg
  • Tokilos King Egg - Fight Leg Tokilos near Zax Guidepost on Bionis' Leg
  • 2x Lewisia Silver - Collectable in Agniratha; trade with Berryjammy in Colony 6
  • 2x Black Liver Bean - Collectable in Bionis' Interior (rare)
  • 2x Black Beetle - Collectable in Ether Mine


Upgrading Colony 6’s Special rank allows various collectable items to be found in Colony 6.

Level 1

  • 8,000 G
  • Light Rain Element - Kill Aqua Nebula on Bionis Leg during a thunderstorm
  • Kneecap Rock - Collectable in Tephra Cave

Level 2

  • 25,000 G
  • 2x Dust Element - Kill Caris Nebula where Bridge Two and Three meet in Makna Forest
  • 3x Sea Berry - Collectable in Eryth Sea

Level 3

  • 50,000 G
  • 2x Squall Element - Kill Bono Nebula in Eryth Sea
  • 2x Snow element - Kill Reef Nebula in Valak Mountain
  • 3x Lemonade Sky - Collectable in Makna Forest

Level 4

  • 130,000 G
  • 3x Flexible Selua Cell - Kill Largo Selua in Bionis’ Interior
  • 3x Steel Selua Cell - Kill Wool Selua in Bionis’ Interior
  • 2x Rainbow Slug - Collectable in Fallen Arm
  • 2x Azure Hollyhock - Collectable in Mechonis Field; trade with Scarlen in Satorl Marsh after Mechonis Core

Level 5

  • 400,000 G
  • 2x Inferno Element - Kill Cratere Nebula in Prison Island
  • 2x Bolt Element - Kill Solare Nebula in Prison Island
  • 3x Blue Light Amp - Collectable in Agniratha; trade with Oleksiy in Colony 6
  • 2x Angel Engine X - Collectable in Central Factory; trade with Shilx in Colony 6
  • 3x Rabbit Diode - Collectable in Colony 9

Xenoblade Chronicles Colony 6 Completion Rewards

  • Housing Lv 5 - Oriental Glasses
  • Commerce Lv 5 - Titan Arms
  • Nature Lv 5 - EXP Up IV
  • Special Lv 5 - Master Glasses
  • All Lv 1 - Ultra Small Reactor
  • All Lv 2 - EXP Up III
  • All Lv 3 - Topple Plus IV
  • All Lv 4 - Debuff Resist V
  • All Lv 5 - Titan Plate

Xenoblade Chronicles Colony 6 Colony 6 Recruits

Colony 9

  • Werner - Requires Housing Lv1
  • Perrine OR Mefimefi - Requires Housing Lv3, Special Lv2. [Perrine will eventually offer a quest with a better reward than Mefimefi, so a slightly better option.]
  • Rosemary - Requires Housing Lv4
  • Oleksiy - Requires Housing Lv4, Special Lv4
  • Peppino - Requires Housing Lv4 and population 70
  • Nic - Requires Housing Lv5 and Nopo'rikh as a resident

Frontier Village

  • Hoko - Requires Housing Lv2, Commerce Lv2
  • Pokapoka - Requires Housing Lv2 and population 30
  • Norara - Requires Housing Lv3, Perrine or Mefimefi recruited
  • Berryjammy - Requires Housing Lv3, Nature Lv3
  • Gowago OR Minana - Requires Housing Lv5, population 100, Berryjammy recruited. [Choosing Minana gives a slightly better Affinity Link.]


Note: Potential Alcamoth residents each have a secondary location after the events of Mechonis Core.

  • Talonyth - Requires Housing Lv1, Commerce Lv1
    • Found in Refugee Camp after Mechonis Core
  • Ma'crish - Requires Housing Lv2
    • Found in Refugee Camp after Mechonis Core
  • Yura - Requires Housing Lv3, 25% complete
    • Found in Harict Chapel after Mechonis Core
  • Jer'ell - Requires Housing Lv4
    • Found at Sororal Statues after Mechonis Core
  • Don Argentis - Requires Housing Lv4, Nature Lv4
    • Found at Reservoir (Frontier Village) after Mechonis Core
  • En Argentis OR Zel Argentis - Requires Housing Lv5, Don Argentis recruited. [There is no difference in who you pick besides a very small quest reward difference - one gives you gloves for a quest, and the other gives you shoes. Just pick one at random and know there is no better choice.]
    • En Argentis is found at Ether Plant after Mechonis Core
    • Zel Argentis is found at Sororal Statues after Mechonis Core

Fallen Arm

  • Neonik - Requires Housing Lv5, Nature Lv5
  • Shilx - Requires Housing Lv5, Commerce Lv5, population 120