Xenoblade Chronicles Missables List - don't miss a thing with our checklist

Xenoblade Chronicles is a massive game with a ton of side content to complete alongside the main story. There are hundreds of quests, more than 100 Unique Monsters to defeat, collectables to obtain, and more. Keeping track of all this optional content can be a little bit daunting. For experienced RPG players, you might want to know: what can be permanently missed? Missable content is always a bummer when you realize some reward can no longer be obtained because you moved too far in the storyline, or for some other arbitrary reason.

For both completionists and those who simply want to play the game without worrying about missing content, we wanted to put together a lean guide simply and directly outlining everything that is missable in Xenoblade Chronicles, so that you can just reference this page to make sure you complete all the missable content before the game’s various cutoff points.

We think the best way to organize this page is by cutoff point in the order they appear in the game. We will list a cutoff point in the storyline, clearly marking when it will happen, and note down everything that expires at that cutoff point - so these are the optional quests or events you should complete at these times.

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Xenoblade Chronicles Missables Cutoff Point 1 - Moving Refugees to Colony 6 (available first after Satorl Marsh)

Many of the quests found in the Refugee Camp on Bionis Leg are missable. This is because these NPCs will move to Colony 6 to begin reconstruction later in the storyline. So, you want to complete these quests before the refugees move to Colony 6. All of the missable quests here will be marked with a stopwatch icon on your quest log. Note there are a few Refugee Camp quests that are not missable, such as the ones offered by Earnest, because he doesn’t not move to Colony 6 (and thus, his quests are not marked with a stopwatch icon).

Luckily, this cutoff point occurs at a point of the player’s choosing, not automatically. The refugees in the Refugee Camp will move to Colony 6 after the completion of the quest "The Road Home”, which is available after Satorl Marsh. After this quest, you are given a clear warning by Juju that this will happen, so it is quite a well-marked cutoff to make sure you have the quests done before then.

Note: “The Road Home” is mutually exclusive with a later quest “To Colony 6!”, which is essentially the same quest under a different name. If you do not complete “The Road Home” before meeting Miqol in Hidden Machina Village, then as Otharon moves to Alcamoth, a different NPC named Dulland will offer the substitute “To Colony 6!” quest instead. It does have a better EXP/gold reward (being a later game quest) but it starts the Colony 6 reconstruction all the same.

Here are the Refugee Camp quests you should be sure to complete:

  • Imaginations Tempered OR Spirits Raised (mutually exclusive quests)
    • Completing Spirits Raised is generally the better quest to choose, as it results in slightly higher overall affinity for Colony 6 area and allows more quests to unlock later in Colony 6
  • Thieving Monsters
  • The Greedy Monster
  • A Dash of Colour
  • A Thoughtful Idea
  • Emergency Treatment
  • Save the Girl!
    • This is a surprise quest that appears once you approach the waterfall in the SE part of Gaur Plain
  • Monster Quest 2
  • Monster Quest 3 - Part 1
  • Monster Quest 3 - Part 2
  • Challenge 2 - Part 1
  • Challenge 2 - Part 2
  • Material Quest 1
  • Material Quest 2
  • Material Quest 3
  • Material Quest 4
  • Collection Quest 1
  • Collection Quest 2
  • Search Quest 1
  • Search Quest 2

Additional Missable

After the party leaves for Valak Mountain, speak to Kallian in the Audience Chamber in Alcamoth to get Melia's Imperial Staff, a missable weapon skin.


Xenoblade Chronicles Missables Cutoff Point 2 - Fighting the boss battle against Jade Face at the end of Mechonis Field

There are a few cutoff points in the later Mechonis areas of the game that will render certain explorable zones inaccessible. That means you’ll want to complete each quest available in these zones, fight all the Unique Monsters in these zones, and collect the Collectable items needed in each zone (though collectable items can technically be obtained in other places.) 

Cutoff Point 2 is the boss at the end of Mechonis Field, known as Jade Face. Encountering this boss is the cutoff point for everything involving Sword Valley and Galahad Fortress. So, before fighting Jade Face, make sure you have:

  • Completed the four optional quests in Sword Valley
    • Secure Dolgan Outpost
    • Secure Enalda Control Base
    • 3rd Gate Front Line
    • Secure the Radio Tower
  • Defeated every Unique Monster in Sword Valley
    • Level 49 Prudent Purson
    • Level 50 Tranquil Morax
    • Level 50 Defective Ipos
    • Level 51 Fate Labolas
    • Level 51 Benevolent Aim
    • Level 53 Kamikaze Bune
    • Level 55 Lightning Ronove
    • Level 57 Mischievous Naberius
  • Completed the Sword Valley Collectopaedia
    • To note, you’ll need two additional Red Frontiers for Colony 6 Reconstruction later. You can get these in other places, but consider just getting them now.
  • Killed each Unique Monster in Galahad Fortress
    • Level 52 Glacier Acon
    • Level 53 Precious Retrato
    • Level 55 Glorious Jurom
  • Completed the Galahad Fortress Collectopaedia
    • To note, you’ll need two additional Art Core Coils for Colony 6 Reconstruction later. You can get these in other places, but consider just getting them now.
  • Buy one of each weapon/armor from the Sword Valley supply shop, as some of these equipment skins are missable. Note, unlocked fashion appearances are saved to the game, not a specific save file. This means you can save, buy the equipment, and then load your save. Particularly, make sure to grab the Anti-Mechon Driver.

Xenoblade Chronicles Missables Cutoff Point 3 - Fighting the boss battle at Meyneth Shrine in Agniratha

At the end of Agniratha, you’ll fight a boss at the Meyneth Shrine. This acts as a cutoff point for events in Mechonis Field (including Machina Refuge), Agniratha, as well as a few quests in Hidden Machina Village that require access to Mechonis Field.

So, before fighting the boss at Meyneth Shrine, make sure you have:

  • Completed the Hidden Machina Village quests that have a stopwatch symbol in the quest log
    • The History of Mechonis
    • A Weapon Just For Me
    • For My Loved One…
    • To My Loved One...
    • The History of the Capital
  • Completed the four quests from Machina Refuge in Mechonis Field
    • Best Boots
    • Monster Quest
    • Challenge Quest 1
    • Challenge Quest 2
  • Completed the 14 quests from Agniratha terminals [Note: Once you completed all 14 optional Agniratha quests, you can interact with the last terminal at Central Tower to get Cloister Key, which unlocks the door on 3F which houses a secret area.]
    • Civil Protection 1-1
    • Civil Protection 1-2
    • Civil Protection 1-3
    • Civil Protection 2-1
    • Civil Protection 2-2
    • Civil Protection 2-3
    • Military Status 1-1
    • Military Status 1-2
    • Military Status 2-1
    • Military Status 2-2
    • Agniratha Beautification 1
    • Agniratha Beautification 1
    • Telethia Investigation 1
    • Telethia Investigation 2
  • Defeated every Unique Monster in Mechonis Field
    • Level 57 Amorous Arca
    • Level 58 Infernal Crocell
    • Level 59 Destroyer Salvacion
    • Level 60 Revolutionary Bifrons
    • Level 61 Commander Oracion
  • Defeated every Unique Monster in Agniratha
    • Level 63 Vagabond Allocer
    • Level 64 Experienced Tristan
    • Level 64 Destructive Bors
    • Level 65 Soothed Aglovale
    • Level 65 Meditative Varla
    • Level 66 Sentimental Flamral
    • Level 67 Wrathful Orobas
    • Level 68 Wise Gremory
  • Completed the Mechonis Field Collectopaedia
    • To note, you’ll need 2x Retro Diode, 2x Mossy Panel, 2x Azure Hollyhock, and 2x Energy Aubergine for Colony 6 Reconstruction later. You can get these in other places, but consider just getting them now.
  • Completed the Agniratha Collectopaedia
    • To note, you’ll need 1x Fortune Feather, 2x Lewisia Silvers, and 3x Blue Light Amps for Colony 6 Reconstruction later. You can get these in other places, but consider just getting them now.
  • Additionally, some weapon/armor skins are missable for your fashion slots. Buy Sparrow Blades and Murder Knives and one piece of each equipment from the Hidden Village shop. Note, unlocked fashion appearances are saved to the game, not a specific save file. This means you can save, buy the equipment, and then load your save.
  • To be safe, you should do the same for the items available at the Central Tower Shop in Agniratha. Specifically, the Machina Cannon and Machina Biter II are missable (they can also be earned as drops.)
  • Several weapon drops from Mechonis Field have appearances that are missable. To be safe, you can leave a backup save file in before the cutoff to farm any missing skins at your leisure later:
    • Machina Rod
    • Machina Nibbler
    • Machina Sniper
    • Palva Drones
    • Grizzly Drones

Xenoblade Chronicles Missables Cutoff Point 4 - The boss battle at Mechonis Core (after Central Factory revisit)

This is a major story event and the game’s biggest cutoff point for many, many quests. Namely, everything in Central Factory and any quests found in Alcamoth or involving Alcamoth will expire after this event. 

Before fighting the boss at Mechonis Core in Central Factory, mare sure you have:

  • Completed all Central Factory quests
    • Eliminate the Backup!
    • Roof Battle
    • Daring Assault
    • New Weapon
  • Defeated all Central Factory Unique Monsters
    • Level 58 Mild Florence
    • Level 59 Faithful Lancelot
    • Level 60 Beautiful Vagul
    • Level 61 Synchronized Gaheris
    • Level 62 Balanced Palamedes
    • Level 63 Sinful Lamorak
    • Level 64 Venerable Focalor
    • Level 65 Temporal Gawain
    • Level 70 Magestic Mordred
  • Completed ALL Alcamoth-related quests (there are a lot, this should be the same order as listed in the Quest Log)
    • The Deciphering Machine
    • A Necessary Upgrade
    • Talia's Research
      • This quest is mutually exclusive with a later quest "Investigating Satorl". Neither quest is clearly better than the other to complete. "Talia's Research" gives more Alcamoth reputation, "Investigating Satorl" gives more EXP/gold, being a later game quest.
    • Bring Back My Son!
    • Teaching Materials
    • Brave Actions
      • During this quest, make sure to accept the quest "Protect the Capital!" from Lecrough. "Protect the Capital!" is only available while Brave Actions is accepted, but not completed.
    • Protect the Capital!
      • See note at Brave Actions
    • How Do They Feel?
    • How Do I Feel?
      • You choose between Rozeal and Ricoth. Rozeal is a slightly better choice due to affinity gains.
    • Together Forever OR I Love You No Matter What
      • The quest you get depends on the choice made in "How Do I Feel?"
    • A Friend in Need
    • Preparing for Adventure
    • Preparing for Adventure 2
    • Preparing for Adventure 3
    • Adventurers in Peril
      • By the way, you can trade with Kurralth for Mumkhar's Razor, a missable Easter Egg which can only be obtained by whilst Kurralth is on Valak Mountain
    • Building Bridges
    • Believing Again
    • Starlight Seeker
    • Starlight Gazer
    • Back Pain
    • Looking for Gold Bugs
    • Losing the Taste for Alcohol
    • Looking for a Lost Son
    • Looking for a Lost Daughter
    • Going Out to Play
    • Monster Quest 1 - Part 1
    • Monster Quest 1 - Part 2
    • Monster Quest 1 - Part 3
    • Monster Quest 2 - Part 1
    • Monster Quest 2 - Part 2
    • Monster Quest 2 - Part 3
    • Monster Quest 3 - Part 1
    • Monster Quest 3 - Part 2
    • Monster Quest 3 - Part 3
    • Monster Quest 4 - Part 1
    • Monster Quest 4 - Part 2
    • Monster Quest 4 - Part 3
    • Challenge 1
    • Challenge 2
    • Challenge 3
    • Challenge 4
    • Material Quest 1
    • Material Quest 2
    • Material Quest 3
    • Material Quest 4
    • Collection Quest 1
    • Collection Quest 2
    • Collection Quest 3
    • Collection Quest 4
    • Search Quest 1
    • Search Quest 2
    • Search Quest 3
    • Search Quest 4
  • Completed this Frontier Village questline (these quests are missable because they involve Alcamoth)
    • Dangerous Ambition
    • Find the Kingpin
    • Adviser Hunt
    • Gather Information
      • This is listed as a Satorl Marsh quest in-game
    • Evidence Collection
    • Destroying the City Trade
    • Getting a Member's Card
      • This is listed as an Alcamoth quest in-game
  • Completed the Central Factory Collectopaedia
    • You’ll need 2x Black Styrene and 2x Angel Engine X for Colony 6, though these can be obtained elsewhere
  • Make sure you’ve done either “The Road Home” or “To Colony 6” at this point (you should have a long time ago)

Xenoblade Chronicles Other Missables

The above cutoffs will capture most of the game’s major missable content. There are just a few other things to note. Of Xenoblade Chronicle's in-game achievement list, there are three that are technically missable:

  • Heartwarming: Have a Heart-to-Heart go as smoothly as possible.
  • Heartbreaking: Have a Heart-to-Heart go as badly as possible.
  • The Brave Protectors: Get to know all of the Defence Force soldiers in Colony 9.

The first two achievements are technically missable for an obvious reason. There are only a limited number of Heart-to-Heart conversations in the game, so you could feasibly go through all 63 without ever choosing the best/worst option, and miss the achievements.

The Brave Protectors achievement seems to be more of a technical bug than anything else. Make sure you’ve spoken with Andreas, Dorothy, Kantz, Emmy Leater, Miller, Minnie, Monica, Nic and Raoul in Colony 9. It seems the achievement might be missable if you invite Nic to Colony 6 before talking with all the above NPCs.

Lastly, the Colony 9 quest 'The Old Soldier's Test' is only available if you talk to Dionysus and say "He's too old for that girl.'

And that should do it for missables! Hope you found this checklist useful. If there are any points that need clarification, please let us know in the comments.