Persona 4 Golden: How to get Hardcore Risette Fan Achievement & Trophy

With Persona 4 Golden now on Steam, a new audience of players is now able to check out this modern classic JRPG. We were pretty impressed with the port and all the options in our hands-on. Like most Steam releases, Persona 4 Golden on PC includes achievements for those who like to seek out 100% completion of the games they play.

The Steam achievements are the same as the Vita version's trophies. However, this means there is one somewhat notorious achievement called "Hardcore Risette Fan". The official description of this achievement is "Hear 250 of Rise's Navigation Lines". How do you get this achievement?

Rise, one of the main characters in Persona 4, participates in battle but is not actually a combatant. Instead, she supports the party from afar, offering advice and comments throughout each battle. For the purpose of the achievement, a 'navigation line' is a line stated during a battle by Rise, and the line is accompanied by subtitle text. You need to hear 250 unique lines to get the achievement. You can't just listen to the same one over and over, else this guide wouldn't be necessary.

There is a Hardcore Risette Fan guide on GameFAQs, which I used in getting started for obtaining this achievement. However, that guide itself seems incomplete and is somewhat contradictory in places, as the author seemed to make realizations about the nature of the trophy partway through his writeup. Feel free to reference that guide as well for further understanding - I started from there - but I wanted to offer some additional tips that helped me obtain this achievement without a mountain of trouble.

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Persona 4 Golden - Hardcore Risette Fan General Tips and Tricks

Here are some general tips to keep in mind as you are playing Persona 4 Golden if you are trying to obtain this tricky achievement.

You can't do much about this trophy until the Void Quest dungeon, which is the 4th dungeon in the game. This is the first dungeon Rise will be supporting you in battle. However, do not raise Rise's social link past Rank 1 before Void Quest. The reason for this is to get the Preemptive Strikes, Normal Battles, and Ambush lines. These are much, much harder to get if Rise's social link is high.

Keep notes about which lines you've seen. You don't necessarily need to write down each line verbatim from Rise, though you can if you want. But considering you need 250 total lines and you can sometimes spend hours in between dungeon segments, don't trust yourself to remember everything you've seen by memory alone.

Play on normal mode or higher. This tip is a pretty obvious one. If you are playing on a super easy difficulty, you are going to be blitzing through battles, and Rise won't have a chance to say a whole lot. The higher the difficulty, the longer battles last, the more turns pass, the more situations you'll find yourself in, more statuses will be thrown at you, and basically Rise will talk a lot more. For what it's worth, I got the achievement on Normal Mode. You can also go into the settings to allow retries after battles in case the MC dies, so you don't have to worry about accidentally losing progress if you are being risky.

Don't worry about getting overleveled. While there are a few lines from Rise that can happen if the enemy is sufficiently stronger than your characters, it's honestly not worth the trouble trying to keep your level low so you can see them. Seriously, don't worry about it, it's a hassle not worth taking. In fact, once Rise is a part of your team, it's more worthwhile to fight as many battles as possible to get more opportunities for Navigation Lines.

Navigation Lines are lines that Rise says that have a text box in battle. This means that anything Rise says without a text box, for example, analyzing an enemy, does NOT count! However, analysis can still be useful, read on...

Analysis Shuffling is incredibly useful! Rise will often make comments about the current state of your party. Things like status effects any character is currently under, low health, etc. Analysis Shuffling is a technique the player can exploit to force Rise to say these sorts of Navigation Lines. How it works is this: when you analyze an enemy (where the game shows you their elemental strengths and weaknesses), and then back out of the analysis, we'll call this a "shuffle". Rise will make a comment about every three "shuffles". So, basically, let's say Yukiko is currently under the poison status effect, and you want Rise to comment on it. Rather than just waiting for it to happen, you can analyze an enemy, back out of the analysis, analyze again, back out again, repeat, until Rise makes the statement you want her to. Just keep "shuffling" until she mentions that Yukiko is poisoned. This way, you can be sure to see these lines without wasting turns, and avoiding issues like a character getting randomly healed, or the battle ending. This technique is most useful for status effects, stat down effects, and when a character is at low health. Keep it in mind as you play through the game.

Consider sticking with a team of MC, Yosuke, Chie, and Yukiko for most of the game up until the Heaven dungeon. By that point, you should get many of their Navigation Lines naturally, especially if you've been keeping the below examples in mind. Here, you'll finally have access to a full team, with Naoto finally joining. You can then take your until-this-point neglected team of Kanji, Teddie, and Naoto as a B-Team through the earlier dungeons in the game, and start to get all their character-specific Navigation Lines. I unlocked the achievement during this process.

Hardcore Risette Fan - Navigation Line Examples

Preemptive Strikes, Normal Battles, and Ambushes

Rise has lines at the start of battle for Preemptive Strikes, Normal encounters, and Ambushes. However, these lines are hard to get if Rise's Social Link is 2 or higher. The reason for this is that Rise will then comment on weaknesses instead, making these lines highly unlikely to appear. So, you should try to get as many of these Navigation Lines in Void Quest, when Rise's Social Link is 1 or lower.

There might be additional lines you can get if you encounter enemies much stronger than you, but for the purpose of this page, I'll only count lines that do not assume your party is weak.

You don't have to get all of these - 5 enemy encounters are pretty rare - but try to get as many of these as possible. Go through Void Quest and try to get as many of these as early as you can. Remember, Rise's Social Link has to be low.

There are two different lines for each case, hence the 'x2' by each bullet.

  • Preempt One Enemy x2
  • Normal One Enemy x2 
  • Ambush One Enemy x2
  • Preempt Two Enemies x2
  • Normal Two Enemies x2
  • Ambush Two Enemies x2
  • Preempt Three Enemies x2
  • Normal Three Enemies x2
  • Ambush Three Enemies x2
  • Preempt Four Enemies x2
  • Normal  Four Enemies x2
  • Ambush Four Enemies x2
  • Preempt Five Enemies x2
  • Normal Five Enemies x2
  • Ambush Five Enemies x2

Total: 30 lines

Reinforcement / Enemies Remaining Navigation Lines

There are ten total reinforcement lines. These are a little difficult to obtain, as the enemy groups are random, but if you ever see some shadows fairly close to each other in a dungeon, perhaps try to get them closer before engaging, to force a reinforcement.

  • One Reinforcement x2
  • Two Reinforcements x2
  • Three Reinforcements x2
  • Four Reinforcements x2
  • Five Reinforcements x2

Additionally, there are six lines possible for Rise commenting on how many enemies are left:

  • One Enemy Left x2
  • Two Enemies Left
  • Three Enemies Left
  • Four Enemies Left
  • Five Enemies Left

Finally, there are three lines for enemies being summoned by another enemy.

Total: 19 lines

Status Effect Navigation Lines

These are some of the most annoying Navigation Lines to get, but throughout the long course of the game, you are bound to run into a few naturally. There are also 69 total lines available here, so it's worth your while to try to get some of them.

If you are trying to force a character to get a status effect, remember that if they are guarding, they will not be affected by the enemy spell. If you are wasting turns trying to get a character to be hit with a status, have that character throw worthless items, use weak spells or attacks, element break type abilities, or anything that uses a turn without killing the enemy or guarding themselves.

Remember to use Analysis Shuffling technique to force Rise to say these lines when a character is underneath any status effect!

  • Poison x7 characters
    • Can get from Immoral Snake in Secret Lab floors 5-6
    • Can get from rare hands in Void Quest
  • Enervate x7 characters
    • Can get from Perpetual Sand in Heaven floors 1-4
    • Can get from rare hands in Marukyu Striptease
  • Exhaustion x7 characters
    • Can get from Constancy Relic in Secret Lab floors 1-2
  • Silence x7 characters
    • Can get from Lustful Snake in Void Quest floors 1-4
  • Panic x7 characters
    • Can get from Rainbow Twins in Secret Lab floors 4/7/8
    • Can get from rare hands in Steamy Bathhouse
  • Rage x7 characters
    • Can get from Liberating Idol in Marukyu Striptease floors 3-10
  • Dizzy x7 characters x2
    • There are actually two dizzy lines per character. One when the character gets dizzy initially, and one when the dizzy character's turn comes but they cannot act.
    • Unfortunately, dizzy is mostly caused by a character getting hit by their weakness when they are already knocked down.
  • Fear x7 +6
    • There is an additional line for each character under the Fear status effect, which takes place if they run away from battle. However, the MC cannot run away from battle, as far as I know.

Total: 69 lines

Stat Down Navigation Lines

Stat Down Navigation Lines are generally much easier to get than status effects. The main reason for this is that your characters will still behave normally, and cannot randomly break out of the status (or help each other out of the status). 

The easiest place to get these lines is in the Secret Laboratory dungeon, against Mind Dice enemies (Floors 5-7). They will often cast Debilitate, which puts each stat down effect on one character. Use Analysis Shuffle to get each line for that character. Easy!

  • Strength Down x7 characters
  • Defense Down x7 characters
  • Agility Down x7 characters

Total: 21 lines

Enemy Down / Enemy Defeated Lines

A good number of lines can be obtained by having each character down groups of enemies, and having each character defeat multiple enemies in one attack,

A big tip for this category - buy multiple hit elemental attack items. These are much preferable to using multiple hit spells as they cannot miss, do only 50 damage (and avoid accidentally killing an enemy you are trying to down), and any character can now hit any weakness. This is especially useful for Naoto, who normally can't down multiple enemies with her Dark/Light spells. Before going to the Heaven dungeon, I suggest getting at least 10 of each multi-hit elemental item from Shiroku.

Another important note, Rise can only state the Navigation Line if there is still at least one enemy standing. If ALL enemies are downed, she won't say anything and instead, the game will go into the All-Out Attack prompt. This means in order to get the 3 enemy down lines, you need at least 4 enemies in battle, one of which with a different elemental affinity. For this reason, there are no down/defeated lines for five enemies.

  • Two Down x7 characters
  • Two Defeated x7 characters
  • Three Down x7 characters
  • Three Defeated x7 characters
  • Four Down x7 characters
  • Four Defeated x7 characters

Total: 42 lines (for the character-specific lines)

Enemy Weakness Lines

Once Rise's Social Link is raised high enough, she'll start mentioning enemy weaknesses at the start of battle. Most of these you should come across naturally; 28 lines for you.

  • Weak to Physical x2
  • Weak to Fire x2
  • Weak to Ice x2
  • Weak to Electricity x2
  • Weak to Wind x2
  • Weak to Darkness x2
  • Weak to Light x2
  • Immune to Physical x2
  • Immune to Fire x2
  • Immune to Ice x2
  • Immune to Electricity x2
  • Immune to Wind x2
  • Immune to Light x2
  • Immune to Darkness x2

Total: 28 lines

Critical Hits, Singular Weaknesses, Singular Defeat Navigation Lines

For this section, I'm not going to count lines, as it gets a bit confusing how specifically to get Rise to state certain lines. Each character has multiple Navigation Lines they can get for knocking a singular enemy down, hitting a singular enemy weakness, defeating a singular enemy, or even killing multiple enemies in a row by hitting their weaknesses and getting Once More attacks.

Just keep in mind that each character has several lines available here. Try:

  • Downing singular enemies by using magic spells
  • Hitting enemies with their elemental weakness while they are down
  • Killing enemies in one hit using singular magic spells
  • Criticaling enemies while they are standing up
  • Criticaling enemies while they are already down

Many of these you should get naturally.

Unique Boss Lines

Some of the game's bosses have unique lines that Rise can state. Unless you are playing on the easiest difficulty and blitzing through bosses like wet paper, chances are you'll encounter these lines naturally. I got the achievement before the Heaven Dungeon boss, for what it's worth.

  • Shadow Teddie x2
    • One for using Ultra Charge, one for using Nihil Hand
    • Note, Rise won't comment on status effects caused in this battle (she doesn't know the party character names yet)
  • Shadow Mitsuo x2
    • Battle start
    • When Whisper is used
  • Kunino-sagiri (Heaven dungeon boss) x7
    • This boss has a fair number of lines you can get, though it is somewhat random.
    • There is one line for fire, ice, electricity, and wind elements, if boss makes himself weak to it (4 lines total)
    • There is one line for each party non-MC party member getting controlled by the boss (3 lines total)
  • Magatsu dungeon boss x3
    • Two Intro Lines
    • When Heat Riser is used
  • Hollow Forest boss 1 x3
    • None are missable
  • Kusumi-no-Okami (Hollow Forest) 
    • Three Intro Lines
    • First use of Draining Fog
    • Second use of Draining Fog
  • Margaret (NG+ Only) x5
    • None are missable
  • True Ending boss x5
    • None are missable

Other Navigation Lines

  • Escaping Battle x4
    • Selecting Escape
    • Rise still looking for an escape
    • You can now escape
    • Select Escape again while Rise is looking
  • Activating Rush Mode x3
  • Character Dodges an attack x7
  • Character knocked down (from being hit by weakness) x7
  • Character misses an attack on an enemy and falls down x7
    • If a character is under the Enervation status effect, they are much more likely to miss
  • Character(s) is weak x15
    • There is a line for each character when they get low on health, and an additional line if they stay low on health. Use Analysis Shuffle to help here.
    • There is one additional line when two or more characters are weak. Rise will mention how the team as a whole needs healing.
  • Character KO'd x6
    • There might be lines for if the MC is KO'd but you have some ability or equipment to revive him, avoiding a game over, but I am not sure.
  • Victory x4 (gimmes)
  • Gold Hand battle x2 (encounter, escape)
  • Reaper x1