Star Ocean: The Second Story R - How to obtain the Aeterna sword with the Deadly Edge and Mithril

The Deadly Edge is an essential weapon in Star Ocean 2, even though it may appear unimpressive at first. Its primary significance lies in its role as a required base material for crafting one of the game's most potent weapons - the Aeterna. While this sword is not the strongest in the game, it'll easily carry you until post-game. Be aware that using this trick may ruin your gaming experience due to how strong this weapon is. 

You can acquire one Deadly Edge shortly after the Lacuer Tournament arc. After the tournament's conclusion, make your way to Gamgee's house on the west side of town, where he will provide you with a Deadly Edge. This will be the only Deadly Edge you can get for a while. To obtain additional copies of this weapon, you'll need to wait until near the end of the game when you can find them as prizes in Fun City's arena.

Once you've obtained the Deadly Edge, your next focus should be on developing your crafting skills until you unlock Customization as a specialty. Ensure that you get a 100% success rate when crafting. If not, then always save your game before commencing the crafting process to avoid any mishaps.

At Crafting level 6, combining the Deadly Edge with Mithril will result in the creation of the Blade of Minos. To proceed further, access the Customization option again, but this time, it requires a Crafting skill level of 10. Combine Mithril with the Blade of Minos to forge the Aeterna, a weapon boasting over 1600 Attack power.

It's worth noting that there's an additional element to this sword when created through Crafting. Occasionally, you may obtain a "Plus" version of the Aeterna with a random factor. This provides the weapon with bonus stats. If you find yourself unsatisfied with the factor you receive, reset and retry the crafting process until you achieve the desired factor.

Strong Factors

As previously mentioned, when crafting a "plus" version of a weapon, the weapon will receive a bonus factor that enhances its capabilities. These are some of the good factors that we found when crafting this weapon.

  • ATK +20%: This works extremely well due to the attacking scaling from percentage.
  • Paralysis: Although status ailment doesn't seem all that strong, paralysis actually works on bosses, you might find this factor really effective against certain bosses.
  • Adversity / Fight or Flight: This factor gives bonus status depending on how low your HP goes down. 
  • Crit Bonus: Just like Attack +20%, this one can deal more damage if your crit rate is high.
  • HP Drain: Giving your sword a life-drain feature will probably make you absolutely invincible. This factor comes with the Planeeter Sword that you find in Fun City Arena later on. But you can try crafting to see if this factor shows up.

Methods to Get Mithril

Obtaining Mithril is a crucial aspect of crafting these weapons. While it may be relatively rare to find Mithril in the early game, there are several methods to acquire it:

  1. Oracle Specialty: By raising the Oracle specialty, you can obtain a random item, and there's a chance that Mithril may be among your rewards.
  2. Crafting Skills: As you raise your Blacksmithing skill to level 10, you'll receive 3 Mithril as a reward. Additionally, reaching level 10 in the Customization skill will grant you 5 Mithril as a reward.
  3. Sprite Bracelet: You can rely on the Sprite Bracelet, which can be stolen from Philia in Kurik. Wearing this bracelet and simply moving around can result in the acquisition of various random items, including Mithril.
  4. Treasure: There is a treasure chest in the world's map by Hoffman Ruins that contains a Mithril. 
  5. Alchemy: This method is guaranteed to get a Mithril, however, it comes a little bit late as you will need to get Alchemy to level 8 and then the Lezard's Flask from Princebridge. 
  6. Enemy Drop: You can find Mithril as a common enemy drop in the Field of Wisdom.

Recommended Accessories

Ring of Might

If obtaining the strongest weapon in the game isn't sufficient for your needs, you can also explore crafting accessories to further enhance your capabilities. An exceptionally powerful accessory you can acquire relatively early is the Ring of Might, which can be crafted using a Level 8 material called Rainbow Diamond. The Ring of Might effectively doubles your attack power but comes at the cost of reduced elemental defense.

One early-game source of Rainbow Diamond is to reach the milestone of crafting 200 times, which will grant you this valuable material. Once you've obtained the necessary materials, proceed to craft the Ring of Might. It's advisable to check for a "plus" version to gain additional bonuses from factors, making you even stronger.

Berserk Ring

Obtaining this accessory also occurs much later in the game. To acquire it, you'll need access to Centralpolis, a city available in the later stages of the game. By completing guild missions in Centralpolis, you can earn a Berserker Ring Kit as a reward. With this kit, you'll be able to craft the Berserker Ring. This powerful accessory induces a berserk state in the equipped character while doubling their attack power. If you're not particularly concerned about the character you're controlling, this accessory can be very valuable.

Winged Bracelet

This accessory is available in the later stages of the game and offers a similar effect to the Aeterna sword by adding extra hits. You can acquire this accessory as a prize reward from the Fun City Arena, which becomes accessible quite late in the game.