Super Mario RPG - How to fight 3D Culex

Culex, the secret boss from the original Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, returns not once but twice in the new Super Mario RPG. The first encounter will be familiar to fans of the original game, but after you have completed the remake, you can fight a brand new form of this imposing easter egg boss - Culex IN 3D!

To fight this suped-up version of the standard 2D Culex, you must prove yourself worthy by defeating the other post-game super bosses first, unlocked by using the Stay Voucher at Marrymore Hotel, and checking out Star Hill.

These boss refights include:

  • Scratchy-Throat Belome in Belome’s Temple
  • Mario-style Jinx and Jaeger in Monstro Town
  • Extra-Fancy Bundt in the Marrymore Church
  • Engine 023 Booster at the top of Booster’s Tower
  • Leveled-up Punchinello in the Moleville Mines
  • Duel-Ready Johnny in the Pirate’s Base of the Sunken Ship

Once you have completed all of the boss refights, head back to MonstroTown, and you will discover the ominous dark door you entered for the original 2D Culex fight. Interacting with it, the Super-Shiny Stone you got will react, unlocking the door.

Before heading inside, make sure you have your lazy shell equipped to Peach, and you are fully stocked up on healing items. You're going to need them.