Persona 3 Portable Hot Springs Answers guide

There's a wide range of choices found throughout the experience of Persona 3 Portable, though exactly how much they impact the game varies greatly. One of the more minor series of choices happens at the Hot Springs for the male lead character - and though it's minor, you'd not be blamed for wanting to know how it all plays out. This guide exists to help you with just that.

In November, the cast will visit a hot springs - and you'll find yourselves in a situation where you'll need to hide from the girls. In the Portable variation of Persona 3, which has also been released as a HD Remaster on modern consoles, hiding from the girls takes the form of a series of basic dialogue choices.

Choosing the 'correct' answers will allow you to avoid getting caught. Meanwhile, choosing incorrectly will mean the opposite. 

Hot Springs Answers for Persona 3 Portable

The hot springs escape event in Persona 3 Portable doesn't have any major impact, but if you want to escape stealthily, here's how.

Before giving the answers, it's worth noting that your choices here have no major impact on the story of Persona 3. It'll change the dialogue of characters on some of the following days, and lead to slightly different scenes in the short-term, but this is not a major decision, and shouldn't be treated as such. 

For our money, it's actually funnier if you do get caught - but the choice is yours. With that said, if you want to escape the Hot Spring without getting caught red-handed, here's the steps to take:

  • > You heard Fuuka's voice coming from the left! -- Go Right
  • > You heard Yukari's voice coming from up ahead! -- Stand Still
  • > At this rate, it might fall off right on top of Yukari...! -- Imitate a Cat
  • "Huh? Was that a fox...?" -- "......"
  • "Hey, say something..." --- Either Option

If you're playing Persona 3 FES, you actually have to move around the area instead, avoiding the girls. But in P3P, it's a simple dialogue choice - and picking the above will allow for a stealthy escape. 

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