Persona 3 Portable: Missing Person List & Rescue Dates

As you progress through the storyline of Persona 3 Portable, you'll be faced with an increasing number of challenges - and one of the most fiddly and threatening is that of the Missing People, individuals from Gekkoukan High and the surrounding areas that disappear into Tartarus to never return - unless, that is, you help them.

Just as with things like the School Questions and all of the Persona 3 Social Links, the primary limiting and threatening factor in the mystery of the Missing Person quest is the game's calendar, where more or less every action you take advances time. If you're not careful, you can accidentally miss the opportunity to rescue some of the Missing People from Tartarus - which can have dire knock-on consequences. This guide will help you to avoid that outcome.

Persona 3 Portable Missing People guide: Why you should Rescue the Missing

Finding the Missing People in Persona 3 can carry some great rewards - but you need to know where to find them, and do it in time. This guide helps with that.

There are two elements that make the matter of the Persona 3 Portable Missing People who end up scattered around Tartarus a major cause of concern:

  1. Each Missing Person has a strict deadline. If you don't rescue them by a certain in-game date, they'll be lost forever - taking their rewards with them.
  2. In a handful of cases, genuinely important characters can go missing. You can be locked out of the Maiko social link and the Bunkichi social link forever if you don't rescue them in time.

Thankfully, this guide is here specifically to help you avoid that situation by listing all of the missing people, where & how to rescue them, what rewards you get for doing so, and of course what deadline dates you must rescue them by. We're comprehensive here. 

We've also got some notes on this system and quest, to help you make the most of it:

  • As a rule, a good idea is to rescue the missing people in groups. Although people go missing in specific dates, the cut-off deadlines are in groups, usually for two or three missing people at a time.
    • So for instance, three people go missing throughout June - but rather than going into Tartarus three separate times, you're better off waiting until early July and then rescuing them all in one dungeon-crawling visit to Tartarus. Again, this guide will help you do that, cos we're good like that. 
  • Fuuka will alert you when you arrive on a floor with a Missing Person.
  • When in the dungeon, do note that Teammates sent off to explore will indicate when they find a Missing Person, but only you can actually go and interact with them to rescue them. Once they've been spotted by an ally (not Fuuka), they'll be marked on your mini map.
  • You'll need to go to the Police Station back in the real world to pick up your rewards. 

Missing People List, Locations, Rescue Dates, & Rewards

Once you find a Missing Person, return to the Police Station to get your reward.

So, as mentioned, this guide will help you to avoid any nasty surprises by ensuring you know exactly when to hop into Tartarus, which again is key for minimizing your visits and maximizing your time so you have more free time for social links, part-time jobs, and just generally exploring the world of Persona 3. 

Below, we list the missing people, their locations with Tartarus, and the rewards for rescuing them - grouped by their cut-off deadline dates.

Missing People to be Rescued by 7/7

  • One Person will go missing on June 18
  • Two more will go missing on June 26
  • Rescue Deadline: July 7

Head into Tartarus any time on or after June 26. Then, find the missing people on the following floors, and return to the Police Station to get the following rewards:

  • 45F - Recarm
  • 51F - 40,000 Yen
  • 61F - Shirt of Chivalry armor

Missing People to be Rescued by 8/6

  • Two people go missing on August 3
  • Rescue Deadline: August 6

You have just a few days to head into Tartarus and get both of these victims and their rewards:

  • 69F - Emerald x6
  • 83F - Divine Grace Skill Card

Missing People to be Rescued by 9/5

  • One person goes missing on August 19
  • Another goes missing on August 29
  • Finally, one more goes missing on September 3
  • Rescue Deadline: September 5

If you wait until all three are ready and waiting in Tartarus, you'll have just two days to stage your rescue on the following floors and nab the following rewards:

  • 95F - Matarukaja Skill Card
  • 101F - Malachite x20
  • 108F - Mediarama Skill Card

Missing People to be Rescued by 10/4

  • One person goes missing on September 12. This is Bunkichi Kitamura, of the Hierophant Social Link
  • Two further people go missing on September 22
  • Rescue Deadline: October 4

Once the pair go missing on September 22, you have over a week to get in and reach the following floors to get the following rewards:

  • 120F - Homunculus x10, plus Bunkichi Rescued
  • 131F - Slash Repeller Accessory
  • 137F - 100,000 Yen

Missing People to be Rescued by 11/3

  • Two people go missing on October 21. This includes Maiko Oohashi, the Hanged Man Social Link
  • One more person goes missing on October 30
  • Rescue Deadline: November 3

The important one here to rescue is Maiko, to make sure you don't lock out and lose the Hanged Man S-Link. However, you'll have a few days from October 30 to get all three in one go:

  • 149F - Felt Doll Accessory, plus Maiko Rescued
  • 152F - High Counter Skill Card
  • 158F - Endure Skill Card

Missing People to be Rescued by 12/3

  • One gets marked as a missing person on November 27
  • Two more people disappear from November 28
  • Rescue Deadline: December 3

From November 28 you'll have a few days to find these missing people on the following floors of Tartarus, and then pick up their rewards:

  • 168F - Phys Boost Skill Card
  • 175F - Tetrakarn Skill Card
  • 185F - Luxury Coin x2

Missing People to be Rescued by 12/31

  • A single person goes missing on December 22, just in time for Christmas.
  • Rescue Deadline: December 31

Find the missing person between Christmas and New Year, or sooner, to get this:

  • 203F - Diamond x8

Missing People to be Rescued by 1/31

  • A pair of people go missing - the final Missing Persons - on January 15. You have two weeks to go get 'em.

We're getting towards the end of the game here - which means you might be a bit more relaxed about timing, even though you'll be busy. You have two weeks to rescue this duo on the following floors for the following rewards:

  • 224F - Soma
  • 250F - Salvation