Persona 3 Reload Missing Person quest: Missing People List, Locations, Deadlines, & Rewards

Clambering up Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload is a core part of the narrative, but there's also optional tasks to undertake in the ever-expanding dungeon. One of the most pressing is a series of search-and-rescue operations to find Missing People who find themselves lost in the deadly tower - and this guide is here to help you with all of the Missing Person locations, deadlines, & rewards.

The way Persona 3 Reload is structured means that there aren't really traditional 'side quests' in the game, per se, but the closest thing to full side activities to undertake that involves going into Taratarus is dealing with the Missing People - and some of Elizabeth's Requests.

In the case of the Missing Persons side story, Elizabeth will alert you that sometimes people accidentally wander into Tartarus on June 18th. From that date on, you'll have a steady stream of people that find themselves in Tartarus. Because the tower is deadly, each of the missing persons has a deadline - and if that date passes, they'll be lost forever. 

Persona 3 Reload Missing Persons guide

Each time somebody goes missing in Tartarus, it should be a major cause for concern for the SEES team - and it should become one of the most pressing matters on your calendar, just as detailed in our Persona 3 Reload 100% Max Link walkthrough. Why? Well, there's two reasons.

Firstly, every missing person has a deadine, after which they're lost forever. As well as losing the rewards you could get for resucing them, there is something scarier still - important characters can go missing and then be killed in this way. Specifically, there are two social links that can be stopped in their tracks and lost forever from their stars going missing - Hanged Man and Hierophant

That's part of why a guide like this is so helpful for this specific mission thread - we list all missing people, plus their locations in terms of a Tartarus Floor. Finally, we tell you the rewards you get for rescuing them - and the deadline, so you don't miss it. It covers everything you need to know, so you won't get blindsided.

The Missing People mechanic was also present in some previous versions of the game, and it is largely similar in Reload - but this guide has specifically been optimized for the new remake. If you're playing a previous version, we'd recommend using our Persona 3 Portable version of this guide .
As Persona 3 Reload progresses, you'll be faced with time-sensitive missions to rescue vulnerable Missing Persons from within Tartarus. This guide has the Missing Person locations, deadlines, and rewards.

In terms of how you approach these missions beyond simply following the listed locations below, we do have a recommendation about how you should tackle this challenge. 

Specifically, you should plan to rescue multiple missing people at once, in small groups/batches. This is because the deadlines are all shared, but the dates people disappear vary. For instance, three people have a deadline of 7/6 - but they go missing variably throughout June. Rather than have multiple trips to Tartarus, one for each person, you're better off planning a single trip before the deadline to nab all three in one go.

Fuuka will let you know when you arrive on a floor where there's a missing person - all you have to do is find and interact with them. And once you're back in the real world afterwards, don't forget to head to the police station to pick up your rewards

Missing People List, Locations, Rescue Dates, & Rewards

This is the meat of the guide, which will let you know exactly what date you need to head into Tartarus and rescue the missing persons by is. You'll want to minimize visits to Tartarus to create more time for things like S-Links, Part-Time Jobs, and just hanging out - which this guide will help you to do.

We've grouped missing people by the deadlines they need to be rescued by - which handily gives you a few clear dates when you have to head in to Tartarus:

Missing People - Rescue Deadline 7/6

  • June 18: One Missing Person added
  • June 26: Two further Missing Persons enter Tartarus
  • Rescue Deadline: July 6

Don't rush in for the first missing person; instead, wait for the second and third to enter, and then go into Tartarus on a rescue mission someitme between June 26 and July 6. Here's the floors where you'll find the missing people, and the reward you can nab from the police station after their successful recue:

  • 50F - Recarm
  • 56F - Letter of Thanks, 40,000 Yen
  • 64F - Black Quartz x2

Missing People - Rescue Deadline 8/5

  • August 3: Two Missing Persons added to Tartarus
  • Rescue Deadline: August 5

This is a short turn-around - you only have two days to hop into Tartarus and get these guys before they disappear. Their locations and rewards:

  • 79F - Emerald x4
  • 84F - Shift Boost Skill Card

Missing People - Rescue Deadline 9/5

  • August 19: One Missing Person enters Tartarus
  • August 29: A second missing person enters the Tower
  • September 3: A final Missing Person drops in to Tartarus, making for three total
  • Rescue Deadline: September 5

You might not want to cut it so fine, but the best thing to do is wait until the eleventh hour and wait for the third missing person to pop - and then head into Tartarus on either September 3rd or 4th. Here's where to find all three, and the rewards:

  • 101F - Divine Grace
  • 109F - Malachite x20
  • 114F - Mediarama Skill Card

Missing People - Rescue Deadline 10/3

  • September 12: One person goes missing on September 12. This missing person is Bunkichi Kitamura - one half of your Hierophant Social Link. You must rescue him for the link to continue.
  • September 22: Two more people follow the old man into Tartarus.
  • Rescue Deadline: October 3

It's important not to lose Bunkichi, but you can wait it out for September 22nd for the other two to go missing. After that, hop in during late September and go to the following floors to get the following rewards:

  • 120F - Homunculus x4, plus Bunkichi Rescued
  • 135F - Magic Talisman
  • 140F - 100,000 Yen

Missing People - Rescue Deadline 11/2

  • October 21: Tartarus welcomes two missing persons - one of whom is Maiko Oohashi, the Hanged Man Social Link. Again, for the link to continue, she must be rescued.
  • October 30: One more missing person enters Tartarus.
  • Rescue Deadline: November 2

As with the last batch, one of these three is more important than the others, to ensure you don't lose an S-Link. However, still wait until October 30, and then head in before November 2nd. Here's the floor locations and the rewards:

  • 146F - Felt Doll Accessory, plus Maiko Rescued
  • 159F - Berserker Seal
  • 165F - Avaricious Ring

Missing People to be Rescued by 12/1

  • One gets marked as a missing person on November 27
  • Another person disappears on November 28
  • Rescue Deadline: December 1

From November 28 you'll have a few days to find these missing people on the following floors of Tartarus, and then pick up their rewards:

  • 177F - Omega Drive
  • 196F - Diamond x3

Missing People to be Rescued by 12/30

  • Two people go missing on December 22, just in time for Christmas.
  • Rescue Deadline: December 30

Find the missing person between Christmas and New Year, or sooner, to get this:

  • 209F - Scintillating Coin x2
  • 221F - Ruby x3