Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth New Game Plus explained: Now to unlock & what carries over to NG+

The inclusion of a New Game Plus mode is something of a role-playing game tradition, and with the Yakuza series making the switch to full RPG, it’s not a surprise that Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth has its very own NG+ mode - however, there’s a catch. This guide explains that catch - and everything else you need to know about the Infinite Wealth New Game Plus mode.

Infinite Weath Post-Game: Premium Adventure & New Game Plus

Infinite Wealth has a New Game Plus mode, but unlocking it is rather controversial. Here's the rub on how it all works.

As with the previous entry in the series, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth sort of has two post-game things to think about. First, there’s Premium Adventure - and then, for the real hardcore, there’s Infinite Wealth’s full New Game Plus

Both modes are accessed by loading a post-completion save game - but what each mode does is slightly different. With that said, it’s relatively easy to understand:

  • Premium Adventure is basically the post-game. To play this, you simply load your completed save game. This drops you off at Revolve, and from here you can explore Hawaii and Japan and mop up any unfinished business.
  • New Game Plus starts you over from the very start of the story, but loads your save game from your previous completion so a bunch of your data can carry over.

There’s a catch to all this - which is that only Premium Adventure is available as standard. Allow us to explain.

How to unlock New Game Plus

Once available, the Infinite Wealth New Game+ mode simply pops up on the main title menu.

If you want to get your hands on the Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth NG+ mode, well, there’s some bad news… New Game Plus isn’t included in the standard edition of the game

Instead, NG+ is locked behind the Master Vacation Bundle DLC. This is available in the Deluxe and Ultimate editions of the game, so if you bought one of those you’ll have access to NG+. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy the DLC separately, which runs $20. 

The Master Vacation DLC bundle also includes an additional dungeon, among other things. Once you have the DLC, all you’ll need to do is complete the story to obtain that completion save game. Once you have a completed save game stored locally, the option to start New Game Plus will be added to the main title menu.

What Carries Over to New Game+

Once unlocked, you can use the Infinite Wealth NG+ to enjoy the story again - but harder.

The advantage of starting the story over in New Game Plus is pretty simple - you’ll get to carry forward a bunch of your important data from your previous play through the game. It’ll let you experience the story and its one-off battles once again on higher difficulties, and with more moves available to you.

Specifically, the following carries over to the Infinite Wealth New Game Plus:

  • Character Levels
  • Kasuga’s bond-related Skill Growth
  • Personality Traits progression
  • Cash Money you've earned (in Yen or USD)
  • Gear and Consumable Items
  • Some Personality Challenges
  • Any Unfinished Business Completion

However, things like Substories, Events, and Character Recruitment will be reset and unlocked again naturally as the story of the game progresses once again.

What’s different in Premium Adventure

Alternatively, the post-game is the Premium Adventure mode, which can be played as much as you like.

As previously mentioned, Premium Adventure is what happens when you load a previously-completed game file - giving you access to the game world to tie up loose ends or just soak up those patented Like a Dragon vibes; an ‘Endless Vacation’. Of note in Premium Adventure:

  • You can explore Hawaii or Japan to your heart’s content and travel back and forth between the two at will via Revolve & Survive.
  • You can play as either one of the lead protagonists - just switch at Revolve in Hawaii or Survive in Japan.
  • You can swap the time of day between daytime, evening, and night.
  • You can experiment with all Party Members and unlocked Jobs, and unlock anything you missed.
  • You can equip alternate costumes at the job switch booth in Alo Alo Happy Tours.