Yo-Kai Gakuen Y trial version is now available for Nintendo Switch in Japan

A trial version of Yo-Kai Gakuen Y is now available on the Japanese Nintendo eShop. You can check out how the RPG plays like in its starting episode with this demo. However, it does not have a save data feature so there are no data carryovers to the full release.

Level-5 has since also published more promotional trailers for Yo-Kai Gakuen Y, which you can watch right below. The full release will let you choose from up to 8 playable characters, including Matarou Tamada who can transform into Shining Boy, and Chiaki Hebiyama who transforms into Sky Snaker.

Yo-Kai Gakuen Y screenshots

Yo-Kai Gakuen Y will be released first for Nintendo Switch digitally in Japan on August 13, with the PlayStation 4 version following soon and physical releases coming much later. An English localization for this RPG has still yet to be announced.