Genshin Impact launches on September 28 for PlayStation 4

miHoYo Technology has announced that free-to-play open-world RPG Genshin Impact will launch for PlayStation 4 on September 28, the same date as the PC and mobile versions.

The PS4 version has a few extra goodies available though, as described on PlayStation Blog. All PlayStation players will get access to a 'Sword of Descension' weapon, which is stated to be useful for those starting out their adventure, as it has a chance to deal additional damage to nearby enemies. PlayStation players will also get access to a 'Wings of Descension' stylized glider item that you can use to traverse the world. 

A limited-time pre-order offer is also available. While the game is a free-to-play style RPG, you can purchase the Adventurer's Starter Bundle for $9.99, which includes in-game currency, EXP material, food items, and more. This bundle will only be available for those purchasing before the game's launch.

A new trailer and infographics of both the PS4 exclusive items and pre-order offer can be seen below. For more, you can check out recently released gameplay and screenshots. A Nintendo Switch version has been announced, but no other details have been shared.

Release Date Trailer

Genshin Impact PlayStation 4 Exclusive Content


Genshin Impact PlayStation 4 Pre-Order Offer ($9.99)

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