Mary Skelter Finale's Japanese release delayed to November 5

Compile Heart announced in Japan that they are delaying the Japanese release of Mary Skelter Finale to November 5 due to 'various circumstances'. This is the second time the game received a delay. Earlier in June, Compile Heart moved the Japanese release date for the same game from August 27 to October 8.

As the final entry that concludes the Mary Skelter trilogy, Mary Skelter Finale will feature six protagonists; each forming their own group while progressing separately towards the same goal at the same time. Many of the gameplay features from the prequel Mary Skelter 2 will also return, like the Kagome-Kagome Effect and the Murder Hunt chase segment.

New gameplay features are also added to Murder Hunt: When the invincible Nightmare lands an attack on a party member, smaller monsters known as Babymares will cling on that character, inflicting status ailments and sealing some commands during the process.


Mary Skelter Finale will be available first in Japan for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. An English localization for this game has yet to be localized, although the first two games in the trilogy are already available in the West.