Maglam Lord main characters and gameplay systems introduced

D3 Publisher has published more details on Maglam Lord, the new action RPG developed by Felistella and more staff that were involved in the Summon Night series. The general gameplay flow, as well as the key characters in the game's storyline, are revealed with new screenshots and a trailer.

You can find the gameplay details and main character biographies after the first official Japanese trailer below. Maglam Lord will be available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this Winter in Japan. An English localization of the game has not been announced yet.

Gameplay System

The basic gameplay cycle will have a loop of the following three features:


Devil Sword Crafting

The protagonist realized that magical power can be absorbed from monsters by beating them. To absorb them with good efficiency, it is better for you to fuse yourself with the crafted Devil Sword and hand it to your partner to be used to beat monsters.

There are 3 types of Devil Swords available: Sword, Spear, and Axe. The weapon will be available in 4 different quality levels: A, S, SS, and LGD (Legend). A finished product can also be attached with Decorations that alter its stats and looks.


Taking Requests

You must take requests to collect materials to craft Devil Swords, as well as to beat monsters and regain your power. The requests vary in difficulty, ranging from meager requests from the townsfolk to high-difficulty ones pressed on by the Government.

Examples of requests include collecting specific items, beating a certain number of monsters, or beating a specific boss. When you clear requests, you can progress through the storyline, obtain items and materials as rewards, and improve relationships with your partner.


Field Explorations & Battles

Your character will turn your own body into the Devil Sword, and you will control your partner who wields the weapon. Roam around the field to find glowing treasure boxes or wild monster symbols.

Touching the monster symbol will trigger a battle. Launch attacks with a good timing to connect combos. You can also change weapons or use items and skills with a single button. A monster is weak to a certain weapon type, so changing weapon is essential if you want to continue racking up damage.



Killizzark (Male version voiced by Ryuichi Kijima, Female version voiced by Akari Kito)

The protagonist, whose gender can be set when starting the game. You are the survivor of the "Devil Lord species" which is on the brink of extinction. You are also known with the nickname "Devil Lord of the Blade" for your ability to control the Devil Sword at will. You had a very wild behavior of "mercilessly cutting anyone who stands in the way, regardless of whether they are Gods or Devil Lords". As a result, both sides considered you as an Enemy of the World and defeated you. You then went into a long slumber for the sake of your own revival.


Satyous (voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki)

The grandchild of Balga, a loyal retainer of the Devil Lord. An unexperienced Devil Lord species who has still yet to obtain a nickname. Satius works hard to become a proper loyal servant, to prepare for the Devil Lord's revival. Despite the complete lack of talent in martial arts, Satius excels in magic and intelligence to support and watch over the selfish Devil Lord. Also sighs often for always feeling powerless.


Balgackwein (voiced by Hiroki Goto)

A veteran general who used to be known as Devil Lord of the Iron, also known as Balga. After losing to Killizzark, the Devil Lord of the Blade, he was charmed by your calibre and served you as a retainer. He was the one who saved you from danger, but it caused him to lose his physical body and turn into a powerless creature. Even so, that doesn't discourage him from diligently professing his loyalty.


Darius (voiced by Yoshiki Nakajima)

A boy from the Hero Clan that is also marked as an Endangered Species. He still hasn't reached an Awakening for defeating a Devil Lord. He is fixated on defeating one so that he can be recognized as a full-fledged hero, but it seems like he has a fatal handicap as a hero. He always speaks bluntly with an abusive language, But deep inside, he has an honest, considerate, and kind personality.


Charm (voiced by Kaori Nazuka)

Darius' elder sister who is also a maiden in the Hero Clan. She has already Awakened by defeating a Devil Lord, and obtained the nickname The Smiling Hero. Despite having a gentle and kind personality, she also has a flaw in being overly worried about Darius. The latter flaw is related to a mistake she did in the past, as well as feeling that she is inferior to her brother.


Mamie (voiced by Yuuko Gibu)

A Conservation Inspector from the Government who comes to declare that the resurrected Devil Lord is an Endangered Species. In order to fulfill her duty as an Inspector, she has an unknown power with a defensive measure that can even nullify the Devil Lord's attack. Nevertheless, she is an extremely pitiful civil servant. Even though she wants to settle things in a peaceful way, she has to deal with the Devil Lord clan that never listens to whatever she said.

Maglam Lord screenshots