Monster Hunter Rise gets a new trailer plus gameplay demos at TGS Online 2020

Following on from last week's surprise announcement of Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch, Capcom has prepared a new trailer for the game - which made its debut at Tokyo Game Show Online 2020.

In truth this new Monster Hunter Rise trailer is really more of a 'remix' of the trailer we saw last week as part of the Nintendo Partner Direct - it's largely similar to the previous trailer, but features a few new bits of footage of certain new gameplay features and elements in action. The new stuff starts at about a minute and a half in, if you're short on time.

The footage is short but has a clear focus on the level of mobility available to players in Monster Hunter Rise. 

That mobility is something Capcom was clearly focused on throughout the TGS showing of the game. As part of a Capcom Special Program stream, the developers of MH Rise showcased a few direct-feed gameplay videos of the game in action. These are extraordinarily short clips and aren't live gameplay - they're just pre-recorded snippets - but they do give you a slightly deeper glimpse at the new Wirebug. You can see that in the TGS Broadcast - the MH Rise section begins at around 22 minutes in.

Despite only being announced a week ago, Monster Hunter Rise already has a confirmed release date: March 26th, 2021. That's a worldwide release, too - so you won't have to spend ages waiting for the game to be translated while Japan enjoys the game. 

That's not the only recently-revealed Monster Hunter - Capcom also recently confirmed traditional RPG spin-off Monster Hunter Stories was getting a sequel, Wings of Ruin. That, too, will be out next year.