Trials of Mana version 1.10 to release on October 14, adds 'No Future' difficulty option and other fixes

Square Enix has announced an upcoming 1.1.0 version update to the Trials of Mana remake, which adds new difficulty levels and other fixes. The update is set to come on October 14 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and October 15 for Steam.

The update will add two different difficulty modes for New Game Plus playthroughs: a special "No Future" mode which limits some abilities and how many items can be equipped, and a "Very Hard" mode, which seems to be a more standard challenge mode. Additionally, players who complete a "No Future" playthrough can earn a Rabite Slipper accessory, shown below, which allows you to avoid encounters with enemies, according to Famitsu.

Note, 'No Future' is a difficulty mode seen in previous Mana titles such as in Legend of Mana, where enemies were largely level 99 and you gained more EXP.

Also notably, the update will allow players to inherit unlocked costumes from class changes in a New Game Plus. Our translation of the patch notes can be found below.

  • A new difficulty level, "No Future" has been added.
    • The enemies, especially bosses, become stronger and the difficulty level is very challenging to clear.
    • This is only selectable in "New Game Plus" mode, and your level will revert to 1.
      • Some abilities cannot be be equipped.
    • The number of items that can be used in battle will be limited to 3 each.
    • Time limits will be set for boss battles.
    • The display markers highlighing upcoming enemy attacks will be shortened in some boss battles.
    • High-performance equipment may be obtained from Seeds.
    • Two chain abilities have been added.
      •  Mana Guidance*: Endure at 1 HP without disabling an uncontrolled ally.
      •  Mana Guidance II*: When you win a battle, all your allies recover 100% of their HP.
  • Additional Functions
    • A new difficulty level, "Very Hard", is added. It can be selected only in "New Game Plus".
    • You will be able to skip the class change cutscene and the staff roll.
    • Changes to the class reset and the "New Game Plus" to allow players to inherit costumes that have been previously unlocked.
      • This will be effective only for costumes that have been obtained after this update.
    • In the "New Game Plus" mode, players will now be able to choose to revert to level 1.
    • New goddess statues will be added to the map.
  • Other bug fixes

[*assumed English name]