Y School Heroes: Bustlin' School Life coming digitally to PS4 in Japan on October 29

Level-5 revealed that the PlayStation 4 version of Yo-kai Gakuen Y—which shall also be known as Y School Heroes: Bustlin' School Life—will be released digitally in Japan on October 29. When compared to the already released Switch version, the PS4 release will support a 60 fps framerate.

Y School Heroes is a school-themed spinoff of Yo-Kai Watch where you play as a YSP Club member who can transform to Yokai Heroes and fight against apparition monsters that disrupt school life. Your character can also join other clubs to make acquaintance with other students, while solving occasional conflicts such as brawls and love confessions.

The PS4 digital release will also include the Elze update at launch. The first major update patch, which was released for the Switch version on September 30, added a multiplayer mode, new playable characters, and new story episodes among others. However, there will be no cross-platform multiplayer supported between the PS4 and Switch versions.

Level-5 also published a commercial video for the PS4 version of Y School Heroes, which you can watch right below:

Even though a Western release of the game has still yet to be announced, the English localization title for Yo-kai Gakuen Y—Y School Heroes: Bustlin' School Life—was revealed during Level-5's TGS 2020 presentation. This RPG was released first for Nintendo Switch in Japan digitally on August 13. Although physical releases are also planned, the release window for them has still yet to be revealed.