Co-operative RPG/Brawler hybrid Young Souls to launch in 2021 for Google Stadia, followed by a release on Steam

Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer 1P2P have announced that co-operative RPG/Brawler hybrid Young Souls will launch in 2021 for Google Stadia, followed by a release on PC (Steam). Young Souls was originally announced in August 2018, at the time not revealing a release date or platforms.

A new trailer highlights the game premise as well as a newly revealed day/night system. Check out the trailer, description, and screenshot set below.

Today’s announcement is capped by a new trailer diving into the beautiful world of Young Souls, joining orphans Jenn and Tristan as their menial, everyday routines are upended by the disappearance of their scholarly guardian. After discovering an inexplicable portal in the professor’s estate, Jenn and Tristan dive headfirst into the unknown, braving battles through surreal worlds to save the only one dear to them.

Young Souls’ day and night cycle sees Jenn and Tristan roaming their quaint town during the day in preparation for all-night fights through loot-stuffed dungeons. Efficiently spent days can grant an upper hand during evenings, and exploring the duo’s quiet neighborhood enriches Young Souls’ touching tale of saving their lone loved one along with the wider world.

Young Souls Screenshots and Key Art