Maglam Lord screenshots introduce dating system and more companion characters

D3 Publisher has released new screenshots and information for Maglam Lord, detailing the game's dating system and various companion characters.

Marriage Hunting System


When the Devil Lord Kilrizark wakes up and heads to the town, you will meet someone who claims to be the Marriage Hunting Guru. He will notice that your character feels something empty and hollow inside. That turns out to be Soul Craving, which can be mended by finding a Soul Mate to romance with.

[Note: The terms Soul Craving and Marriage Hunting have the same 'Konkatsu' romaji word albeit with different kanji letters in Japanese]

Once the Marriage Hunting Dojo is unlocked at the menu screen, it will allow you to see the current affinity of eligible partner candidates. You can increase affinity by selecting them as battle companions, presenting their favorite items, and selecting the right choices during conversations—each choice will show which candidate's affinity will be raised. Once the affinity has raised enough, you will be able to ask them for a date, which will take place in suitable locations that range from hot springs to a bowling alley.

Partner Candidates


M.O.A.V. (voiced by Kaito Ishikawa)

A mechanical doll of unknown origins. He seems to be created by the magic engineering school Ars Magina with a combination of science and magic, but his own memory is fuzzy due to being in Sleep Mode for a very long time. He recognizes the Devil Lord as his master and will provide support during investigations with code accesses and internal firearms.


Gelet (voiced by Misaki Watada)

An adventure idol who works as the main star in the Julette Exploration Party, an entertainment program approved by the Government. Coming from the endangered Beastman species of the Demi-Human genus, she is a beast girl with a beast-like sense of smell and toughness. While she is a scatterbrain who gets easily elated, she is easily loved and befriended by people. She has experienced both the good and bad sides of the idol industry.


Aqluaow (voiced by Kenji Nojima)

An elusive saint who is known only to few. He will grant any wishes for free, but he must find them all by himself. A good-looking youth who also speaks in an eloquent and clever way. The numerous miracles he made are undoubtedly real... although the principles behind them are still unknown.

Supporting Characters


G.G. the Marriage Hunting Guru (voiced by Ryuzaburo Otomo)

A macho old man with grey hair with a fitting aloha shirt that suddenly appeared in front of the Devil Lord. He noticed signs of Soul Craving in the Devil Lord's heart, so he proactively volunteered to become a Guru that will help find a Soul Mate to fill that emptiness. He will support the Devil Lord with his G.G. Eye that can see through a candidate's favorite things and his management of phantasmagoric dating spots.


Lyrica (voiced by Nanami Yamashita)

A girl who lives in the Town. She reaches out to the Devil Lord who just woke up and befriended them by giving some snacks. She will be the Devil Lord's first-ever "human friend".

Check out new screenshots and character art in the gallery below. Maglam Lord is currently set to release for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Winter 2020. The game has not been announced for English localization.

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