Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny screenshots introduce Melodia, Piyori, new monster classes and gameplay systems

Nippon Ichi Software has released new information and screenshots for Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny, detailing two new characters, two new monster classes, and other gameplay features.

NIS America has also released a new trailer for the game, introducing the English voice cast for the main characters. Find the trailer and other details below.

  • Brandon Winckler as Zed, a young zombie who utilizes a powerful spell called "Super Reincarnation" that allows the user to relive their life over again until their wish has been seen through.
  • Jason Marnocha as Cerberus, a highly intelligent zombie dog that supports Zed on his journey and the one that taught him Super Reincarnation.
  • Kelly Baskin as Melodia, who is known to sing quite often. She relies on the power of love, and seeks a prince who can lead her to a happy ending.
  • Sungwon Cho as Misedor, King of the Human World. As the wealthiest person in the land, he believes anything can be accomplished through the power of money. 

New Characters


Melodia (voiced by Kokoro Nanami): A princess who dreams a pleasant love. She hopes to see a happy ending. She really likes singing and will try to sing whenever she has a chance to.


Piyori (voiced by Fuka Izumi): The leader of the Rainbow Rangers. She's our hero who performs in the Television World. She aims to restore the show ratings as the first female leader.

New Monster Classes


Curse-Eyed Tribe (Evil Eye in English): A cattle-type monster that tends to look down. Although many of her kind are timid, she will beat anything that carelessly approach her. She has a very high jumping power and is good at attacking with fists.


Pincer-Shell Tribe: A gentleman with a wonderful shell. He overwhelms his opponents with his tough shell and power. He boasts an overwhelming toughness because his defense increases when he gets hit by an attack.

Gameplay Features

  • Drink Bar - Allows distribution of points to other characters that didn't participate in battles. Other than Experience, you can also share Extracts (used to raise stats) and Mana (used in the Dark Assembly and Skill Shop)
  • Wicked Coaching - A set of instructions will be given to a character, such as beating 100 enemies or even beating an ally together with an enemy. When the instructions are fulfilled, you will get rewards that can be used to strengthen characters, such as Karma.
  • Skill Shop - Characters can learn or enhance their Special Techniques and Abilities here. Both Techniques (SP-consuming offense or recovery moves) and Abilities (skills that will passively activate under certain conditions) have 2 versions: One is exclusive to certain characters, the other is generic and can be eventually applied to anyone. Although some generic Abilities can only be learned normally by certain characters, other characters can still learn them by using Secret Scrolls.

Find new screenshots and artwork in the gallery below. In addition to media for the above characters and classes, we also get models and cut-in art for Zed, Majorlerne, Schusendol, and Ivarl, alongside returning monster classes: prinny, undead, sea angel, dragon, succubus, horseman, and winged warrior.

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny is set to release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on January 28, 2021.  A western release is set to launch in Summer 2021 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. In case you missed it, you can check out:

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny