Bravely Default II screenshots introduce world locations, new characters, more job classes, and gameplay systems

Square Enix has posted new information and screenshots for Bravely Default II, detailing several new classes and Asterisk Holders, as well as other characters, gameplay systems, and more. This follows information posted last month about the key characters and places found in the RPG.

Find our translation of the information below.



The Land of Drought: Savalon - A country shrouded by deserts. It is said that the desertification of the surrounding areas was caused by deforestation and wars from the dynasty that ruled 200 years ago. Even when one found and dug an underground water stream, it caused the city to start submerging. The country is also known to have a dazzling amusement center.


Savalon Royal Family - King Lyon has two sons. The first prince Castor excels in both studies and might, yet he is lamenting the current situation of the country that is being controlled by merchants who prioritize profit over citizen happiness. The kind-hearted second prince Paul is worried about his brother, but he is currently studying abroad to broaden his views.


The Land of Magic: Wizwald - A country established around 50 years ago by mages, with Emma Odilia at the center. The Magic Laboratory, which also doubles as a government institution, is where the mages are supposed to perform research. But now the town is filled with plants which cause expanding chaos.



Elvis and Rody's late teacher: Emma Odilia - A key person in the establishment of Wizwald, and the teacher of Elvis and Rody. She was a famed mage who traveled around the continent together with Gloria's father and Sloan.


Bard Asterisk Holder: Orphe Dragordia - A bard hired by the amusement center's owner. He likes tragedies and making fool of people. Although he used to work as a bard in the court of Musa, he was expelled from the country as a severe punishment.


Gambler Asterisk Holder: Shaula Clarence - A bewitching gambler who often visits the amusement center. She is an evil woman who challenges men infatuated with her beautiful looks to a card game, takes all the money in their possession, and make them her pawns.


Beastmaster Asterisk Holder: Nihal - A silent girl who performs monster and beast arts in the amusement center. She used to be a member of a wandering acrobatics group, but the group was destroyed by a monster assault. She was picked up by the amusement center owner after living in solitude for quite some time.


Thief Asterisk Holder: Bernard Alphard - The owner of the amusement center. He spent a generation to build the facility and earn a position to participate in the country's council. He was the one who dug the underground water stream and brought a lot of water to Savalon


Red Mage Asterisk Holder: Rody Grenaden - The chief of the Magic Laboratory who also heads the country. He learned magic from Emma together with the younger fellow disciple Elvis. After losing his daughter in an accident, he immerses himself into a 'certain' research.


Ranger Asterisk Holder: Lily Grenaden - Rody's wife. She becomes double-faced in supporting her husband. She is currently secluding herself inside a forest nearby the city. Even though she is supposed to have lost her daughter, she says she still lives with her deceased daughter, for some reason.


Shieldmaster Asterisk Holder: Galahad Kelly - A security guard of the Magic Laboratory. Although he comes from Rimedahl, he lost both his parents, so he was taken by a distant relative and moved to Wizwald. He feels responsible for the death of Rody and Lily's daughter.

Gameplay Systems


Field Action: The front-most party member can swing their sword around the field. Cutting grass around the field may have a chance to spawn items. Slashing a wandering monster will trigger Brave Attack that gives advantages such as every party member starting the battle with 1 more BP.


Support Ability: As a character focuses on a job, they will learn not only Command Abilities but also Support Abilities. The latter can be equipped to enhance characters. Support Abilities that have been learned will remain available even when the character changes their job. The Monk job has a Support Ability that greatly increases physical attack and accuracy when not equipping anything on either hand.


Deathblows: Each job has a powerful deathblow attack that can be used after certain conditions are fulfilled during a battle. After using a deathblow, the whole party will receive stat buffs with a unique BGM. The buffs are applied for as long as this BGM plays. A Beastmaster's deathblow attack will deal powerful physical damage to all enemies while granting physical & magical attack buffs to allies.


Expedition: Putting the game on sleep mode will generate rewards based on the amount of sleep time up to 12 hours. You can get things like experience and job points. Although this feature also works offline, connecting to internet will allow the rewards to be enhanced by players from other worlds

More Classes

In addition to the previously detailed Freelancer, Vanguard, Black Mage, White Mage, Monk, and Thief, we are introduced to eight more classes. Two of these classes we have not been introduced to the Asterisk Holder yet (Berserker and Pictomancer).

Job Classes
  • Bard: An auxiliary unit used to support the party's status. Can use a variety of techniques and is useful when taking on powerful enemies.
  • Beastmaster: A job that captures and uses pets. Flexible fighters that can focus on attacking to covering, depending on the situation.
  • Gambler: A job that is not afraid to take risks. With luck on your side, you can take a chance for big gains.
  • Berserker: An attacker who wields an ax to crush enemies.
  • Red Mage: A versatile mage that can use both attack and recovery magic.
  • Ranger: Skilled bow job that is able to penetrate enemy weaknesses and deliver a powerful blow.
  • Shield Master: Job that specializes in blocking attacks and defending allies with a large shield.
  • Pictomancer: Jobs that use colors to weaken enemies.

A bunch of screenshots can be found in the gallery below. Bravely Default II is set to release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on February 26, 2021. In case you missed it, you can check out the trailer and screenshots revealed during October's Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, as well as details for the main cast and initial classes.

Bravely Default II Screenshots and Artwork