Unsung Story gets an Early Access trailer and Steam store page

Little Orbit has posted an Early Access trailer for upcoming tactical RPG Unsung Story. The game's Steam store page has also gone live. No hard date for the Early Access is given, but the page states that it is coming soon.

Update: The game will release in Early Access on December 17.

The page also states that the current plan is for Early Access to run 'about 1.5 years'. Initially, only the first chapter will be available, and new chapters will be added over the course of the Early Access period.

Unsung Story is a tactical RPG that ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, raising more than $600,000 for the project, and promised some big names such as Yasumi Matsuno (Final Fantasy Tactics) outlining the game's narrative and Hitoshi Sakamoto (Final Fantasy XII) contributing to the musical score. However, subsequent development of the game stalled, and original developer Playdek abandoned the project. Little Orbit acquired everything related to Unsung Story in 2017, and promised to bring the game to completion and deliver all the Kickstarter backer bonuses.

If you were a backer to Unsung Story, you may already have access to the early build, depending on your backing tier.

Find the new trailer, description, and screenshots below via Little Orbit. The development team held a three-hour live stream showcasing the game this past summer.

Unsung Story is Yasumi Matsuno’s spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story, with many exciting innovations. In a world where spells are cast as songs and magic can reshape reality, the original shapers created a way to sing history and store it in the grand Opus to stabilize the land. But now, the 77-Year War has come, and evil has won. Players will need to build a team of Unsung Heroes who will start at the final battle; heroes who will work their way back in time to save the world.

Game features

Epic Storyline
  • Explore an all-new magical world created by master designer Yasumi Matsuno.
  • Play 6 chapters in non-linear order alongside iconic story characters on both sides of a 77-year War.
  • Engage in 45+ diverse levels where none of them look or play the same way.
Musical Magic
  • Cast spells through songs and musical abilities.
  • Coordinate your units to gain special bonuses with “Harmony Songbook” game play.
  • Listen to an all-new, musical score by world renown composer Hitoshi Sakimoto.
Unit Customization
  • Customize your Unsung Heroes from 20 jobs and 150+ unique abilities.
  • Stylize their look from options such as race, face, hair, and job outfit colors.
  • Collect new options in side quests as the game progresses.
Unsung Story Screenshots