Monster Hunter Rise - Lance and Long Sword gameplay trailers published

Capcom has published a couple more weapon gameplay trailers for Monster Hunter Rise. After previously showcasing Dual Blades and Bow just yesterday, the coverage continues today with Lance and Long Sword.

Every weapon featured in Monster Hunter Rise will receive new Silkbind attacks that utilize the new Wirebug. The Lance trailer is also especially noted to feature a fight against Pukei-Pukei, which is returning from its debut in Monster Hunter World but had not been confirmed as of The Game Awards 2020 trailer.

Find the new gameplay trailers right below.


Stoic, poised and precise. The Lance is a weapon with excellent defensive and evasive capabilities. Guard or step-dodge enemy attacks to stay in the offensive as much as possible. "Twin Vine" is a silkbind attack that tethers you to your target allowing you to swiftly close the gap while guarding!

Long Sword

Cool, calm, and collected. The Long Sword relies on consecutive slashes to charge up the Spirit Gauge, then unleash powerful Spirit Blade attacks, calculated dodges and counterattacks. "Serene Pose" is a silkbind attack that channels an incoming strike into a swift counterattack.

Monster Hunter Rise will be released for Nintendo Switch simultaneously worldwide on March 26. A free demo will also be available next month.