Tetracast - Episode 190: All Shapes and Sizes

Welcome to the latest edition of the Tetracast, RPG Site's regular, seemingly weekly, podcast!

In this episode, after a small Ys diversion, special guest Cullen Black opens things up to discuss some early thoughts on Bravely Default II ahead of his review later this month. Naturally, after discussing the Bravely series, we have James diving into Final Fantasy V which he calls a "10/10" game. Bryan continues his Yakuza playthrough with some mixed thoughts on Yakuza 4. Josh has completed Persona 5 Strikers, and he has some lengthy, spoiler-free thoughts about the game and how Persona fans should play it even if they don't care for musou-styled games. This section ends with some early thoughts on Kowloon Highschool Chronicle.

This week's topical section is headlined by the Kingdom Hearts series coming to PC through the Epic Games Store, which is certainly a bit surprising. We also touch on 505 Games publishing Eiyuden Chronicle, NieR Replicant remaster gameplay, and more.

This edition of the Tetracast features Bryan Vitale (@zeomassicot), James Galizio (@theswweet), Josh Torres (@HD_Kirin), Cullen Black (@DrCullenPhD), George Foster (@gepugg), and Adam Vitale (@King_Seda). As always, you can find links to the full episode of the podcast below along with our RSS feed, and also subscribe to us on iTunes or Google Podcasts, and follow on Spotify!

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  • 0:00​ - Intro
  • 2::05​ - Ys IX: Monstrum Nox (Bravely Default II fakeout)
  • 11:39 - Bravely Default II (for real)
  • 33:10 - Final Fantasy V
  • 50:47 - Yakuza 4
  • 1:06:25 - Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  • 1:10:23 - Little Nightmares 2 
  • 1:20:36 - Persona 5 Strikers
  • 1:55:21 - Kowloon High School Chronicle
  • 2:11:15 - Labyrinth of Galleria Feature
  • 2:13:38 - The Kingdom Hearts series announced for PC
  • 2:31:19 - Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes to be published by 505 Games
  • 2:27:08 - Square Enix shares ten minutes of gameplay for NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...
  • 2:47:52 - Trials of Mana surpasses 1 million copies in shipments and digital sales
  • 2:51:47 - New trailer for Black Myth: Wukong shows combat and creatures
  • 2:54:39 - Steven Universe Unleash the Light coming to consoles February 19th
  • 2:59:47 - Signoff