Maglam Lord - M.O.A.V. Gameplay Trailer

The third weekly Maglam Lord character gameplay trailer was released by D3 Publisher today. After the hero siblings Darius and Charm, this week's trailer gives the spotlight to the mechanical doll M.O.A.V.,

As described in his first reveal, M.O.A.V. seems to be created by a magic engineering school. He was put into Sleep Mode for a long time so that when he woke up, some of his memories had gone fuzzy. When he woke up after being found by the protagonist Killizzark, he will acknowledge the latter as his master.

D3 Publisher will also publish Gelet and Aqluaow's trailers in order for the next two weeks. Find the new M.O.A.V. character trailer right below:

Maglam Lord will be released on March 18 in Japan. An English localization has yet to be announced as of this writing.