Fantasian will be released in two parts, includes scenes similar to Lost Odyssey's 'Thousand Years of Dreams'

Following a previous update detailing the characters and storyline, Famitsu has shared more information about upcoming 'Diorama Adventure RPG' Fantasian, set to release for Apple Arcade.

Most notably, Famitsu clarifies that Fantasian will be released in two separate parts. The first part is stated to be 20-30 hours in length and will release 'soon'. The second part is set to follow in the latter half of 2021. 

Famitsu also shares that Fantasian will contain scenes similar to the "Thousand Years of Dreams" found in Lost Odyssey - a Mistwalker co-developed game Sakaguchi also produced. These scenes will be in the style of illustrative text featuring artwork by Mistwalker's Manabu Kusunoki set to music by longtime Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. These scenes can also be skipped or watched at a later time.

Additionally, new details about the game's story have been shared, alongside screenshots of the world map and mini-map, which allow players to traverse the world easily. These images and new artwork can be found in the galleries below.

Mistwalker has posted two new videos, one of which showcases some of the recently released artwork for the game set to a new piano track by Uematsu. Mistwalker has also shared a video interview with Uematsu with English subtitles, describing his work on the game.

Story Details from Famitsu

Death Balls are white spheres that intend to fully wrap this world. Anything that gets close to it would have their lives absorbed, and even their emotions lost as well. It's like their very minds are being absorbed. The party will eventually encounter an evil god named Vam. He will mention unknown terms like "Condensed Feelings" and "Divine Machines". Leo is looking for his lost memory, despite being tossed around by fate.

Leo is gathering information about his father Bernard, who has gone missing, by repeatedly exploring Death Encroachment Areas infested by Death Balls. A phenomenon is happening in this multi-layered world with the evil god Vam in its center. The power balance between law and chaos keeps on changing. Will Leo be able to find his father? And what kind of fate awaits Leo and the world?

Fantasian Screenshots
Fantasian Illustrations and Artwork