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First Monyuu details shared in Experience livestream

Experience today held a livestream for recently-announced Monyuu, sharing some first details about the dungeon crawler.

You can see small bits of gameplay from the live stream below (from 42:05 to 54:55) as well as takeaways from the stream, based on a compilation by Gematsu. Monyuu is set to release for Nintendo Switch this Summer in Japan.

  • Right now, Monyuu will be a Switch-only release, but the game might come to other platforms if the game is localized worldwide in the future.

  • Experience wants to re-envision the experience of the original Wizardry, meaning Monyuu is expected to be a difficult game, more so than Undernaughts: Labyrinth of Yomi (announced for English localization in a recent New Game Plus Expo stream).

  • Party characters are player-created, like in traditional dungeon crawlers. Similar to other Wizardry-inspired titles, you can roll for additional bonus points to stats when creating characters, with the chance of getting 20 or more bonus points said to be about one percent.

  • While some of Experience's games have various penalties for character death, such as loss of Life Points in Stranger of Sword City, Monyuu will have no such penalties.

  • Each floor will contain a boss character, and Experience notes that strategies to finish floors and defeat bosses will be more intricate than evern.

  • The game has a level cap, so everntually you'll have to strategize to defeat bosses rather than just grinding.

  • Battle encounters are symbol-based, as seen in other Experience games. However, some enemy symbols wil move.

  • Dungeons will not have a map when you first enter, and it must be unlocked within the dungeon.

  • The game features seven demon kings, and the game will score the player when they are defeated. Your rubric includes criteria such as characters not dying and how low your level is. Based on your score, you can earn good items.

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