Nayuta no Kiseki Kai demonstration movie published by Falcom

Nihon Falcom has uploaded a new demonstration movie for Nayuta no Kiseki Kai. The trailer shows how the remaster of the PlayStation Portable game will look like on the PlayStation 4. It also showed more characters that have yet to be introduced on the official site, such as Nayuta's elder sister Eartha Herschel and childhood friend Lyra Barton.

As reported from the initial reveal, this remastered action RPG will see not only improved resolution with 60 fps framerate but also redrawn event illustrations. It will tell the story of Nayuta Herschel, a boy who is interested in astronomy and challenges the popular belief in the remotely populated Remnant Island that the world is flat.

Find the new movie published by Nihon Falcom right below:

Nayuta no Kiseki Kai will be released for PlayStation 4 in Japan on June 24. An English localization for this remaster has yet to be announced.