NEO: The World Ends With You launches on July 27 for PS4 & Switch, with an Epic Store exclusive PC version coming this summer

Square Enix has announced that NEO: The World Ends With You will launch on July 27 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. A newly-announced PC version will follow on Epic Games Store sometime in Summer 2021.

Square Enix has also posted thorough details on the game's main character cast and gameplay systems, which we've shared in full below.

In a press release, Square Enix also detailed the key staff behind the game, as follows:

  • Series Director: Tatsuya Kando
  • Director: Hiroyuki Ito
  • Character Design: Gen Kobayashi, Miki Yamashita
  • Composer: Takeharu Ishimoto (Thrill Inc.)
  • Producer: Tomohiko Hirano
  • Creative Producer / Character Design: Tetsuya Nomura

A new lengthy trailer highlights the character cast, available in both English and Japanese versions. You can check it out below alongside new screenshots and character art. You can find more details in the original announcement last November.



Game Details



It was just another seemingly ordinary day in Shibuya, but not for Rindo. He could tell something about the city felt different. A girl with an ominous aura appears before him, identifying herself as a so-called Reaper. With some trepidation, Rindo decides to play along with this Reapers’ Game, but something is weird...

Battles with monsters called “the Noise”, pins that grant mysterious powers, and a place called Shibuya UG (Underground) to set the stage for the Game— it isn’t long until Rindo starts to have second thoughts on his decision.

Character Introductions


Rindo (voiced by Paul Castro Jr.; Yuma Uchida)
One of the newest Players in the Reapers’ Game, Rindo is a high schooler to whom searching for info on his phone is second nature. He prefers to go with the flow, and although he doesn’t go out of his way to interact with others, he won’t turn them away if they come to him first. Thrust into the Game without even realizing it, he now serves as the de facto leader of the Wicked Twisters.


Fret (voiced by Griffin Burns; Chiharu Sawashiro)
Rindo’s happy-go-lucky classmate and fellow Player in the Reapers’ Game, Fret boasts the ability to get along with just about anyone. While he styles himself as a natural conversationalist, he prefers to keep things light, subconsciously avoiding subjects that are too serious. He enjoys walking around town with his buddy “Rindude.”


Nagi (voiced by Miranda Parkin; Mina Katahira)
Another Player in the Reapers’ Game, Nagi is a college student whose youthful appearance leads others to mistake her for a middle schooler. She is deeply passionate about her pastimes, devoting all of her time and energy to her favorite games. Highly perceptive, she is acutely aware of others’ emotions, and shows disdain toward those she deems superficial and disingenuous.


Minamimoto (voiced by Andy Hirsch; Takayuki Fujimoto)
A fellow Player in the Reapers’ Game, Minamimoto puts his impressive psychic powers to use when he saves Rindo and the gang from a tight spot early on, then forces himself onto their team. He calculates every possible future using his own unique formulas and acts in accordance with the values he discovers, but he remains a mystery to all around him. He seems to have his sights set on something greater than Rindo and the gang.


Shiba (Voiced by Shaun Conde; Daiki Hamano)
Shiba currently ranks number one among the Reapers in the Shibuya UG, having worked his way to the top within a year of his arrival. He also serves as the Game’s Master, arbiter of its rules, and encourages its Players to keep things hot. His psychic powers far surpass those of his fellow Reapers, ensuring that none dare disobey him.



NEO: The World Ends with You takes place in Shibuya, Tokyo. You may recognize some of the landmarks, but the city itself is depicted with an artistic touch, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Explore this wonderfully unique version of Shibuya!



Dialogue sequences are presented with a comic-esque aesthetic that keeps the story moving while highlighting character interactions.

Systems - Scan


Scanning is one of the fundamental psychs available to players. Press the button to begin scanning your surroundings, which will allow you to read people’s thoughts and visualize enemies known as Noise.

Noise will start to chase you if you get too close and coming into contact with one will initiate combat. Quickly touch several Noise symbols to start a chain battle.

Scan your surroundings to see what the people of Shibuya have on their minds. You might stumble upon some important pieces of information, so be sure to scan often!

Team Battles


Each teammate can equip one pin at a time. Press the corresponding button to unleash the psych contained therein. Simple controls keep combat moving!

Switch your team’s psychs by changing your pin loadout. Choose from hundreds of pins that let you attack the Noise, heal your team, or boost your allies’ abilities!

NEO: The World Ends With You