SaGa Frontier Remastered: General Character Outline - Which Character to Choose

SaGa Frontier is a rather unique game, like much of the SaGa series. Instead of a single main protagonist, you can choose one of eight individual heroes to experience their unique storyline. However, playing each one requires a lot of experimentation and a bit of time to really grasp how to play any character efficiently. This page is a general guide outline to provide details on each character's scenario to get a general idea of what scenario might be best for you to start.



  • Route Exclusive Character: No
  • Multiple Endings: Yes
  • Asellus's Specialty: Half-Mystic Abilities with Human Growth

Route Outline: Asellus route is not exactly the most beginner-friendly in SaGa Frontier. Asellus begins the game relatively weak and thrown in the middle of nowhere to start her scenario. It's also a little bit unclear what you must do to progress her storyline forward, requiring talking to certain NPCs almost like an old-school adventure game. To make things easier you can buy a really powerful sword at the start of the game at the cost of Asellus' Life Points. This should let you carry her for a good portion from the beginning of the game. What makes Asellus scenario more difficult than the other routes is that the story is later progressed by semi-random boss encounters, sometimes in places where you least expect. This can easily get players stuck if they came in unprepared. 

The good thing about her is that she can use Mystic abilities which can absorb enemies and use their unique skill. Using Mystic abilities does have its consequences, as Asellus has three different endings and each is based on her playstyle: A Human ending which is earned by ignoring the use of her mystic abilities, a Half-Mystic ending which is of using a mixture of both, and a Full Mystic ending.

Mystics can learn up to three different mystic gear and has a different ability on which piece you use to absorb. Asellus will need to transform in battle to receive those bonus attributes. 

Asellus is also the route that has the most added new content in SaGa Frontier Remastered, having been originally cut in the PlayStation release. This is found after escaping the Dark Labyrinth.

  • Asellus can recruit Dr. Nusakan after talking to Zozma in Koorong.
  • Visiting the Bio Lab in Shrike, completing this optional location will raise higher affinity towards Asellus's Mystic Ending.
  • Furdo's Workspace, you can find this location by talking to Zozma in Magic Kingdom. Doing this dungeon will raise a higher affinity towards Asellus's Human Ending.


  • Route Exclusive Character: Yes
  • Multiple Endings: Yes (kinda)
  • Blue's Specialty: Magic

Route Outline: Blue is a great beginner character that will let players get adjusted on how to complete some of the main sidequests in the game. These are the Rune and Arcane sidequests. These two questlines are tied into Blue's main arc, but any other character can also complete them as side-objectives. To make the matter easier, Blue is the only character that has the Region Map tool which allows you to quickly travel to locations you have previously been to before (though it takes a moment to learn how to read it). Near the end of the story, Blue's magic stats will be doubled due to story reasons and this mechanic can be repeated in multiple New Game+ to make him one of the most busted characters in the game (see note below). 

Blue's route can technically end in two different ways, even though they are mostly similar

Blue Route Ending (Minor Spoilers)
Near the end of Blue's Route, he will face his twin brother Rouge in a one-on-one duel. You actually do not need to win this battle. Whoever wins will have their stats improved and access to all magic capabilities, and if Blue loses to Rouge, Rouge will become your main character. The ending is otherwise identical in the case where Blue wins. In fact, Rouge can be recruited on other routes, while Blue cannot. So, if you are using NG+ and are thinking about future playthroughs, it might be worth having Blue lose to Rouge, so he can be powered up when you recruit him on a different character's playthrough.


  • Route Exclusive Character: No
  • Multiple Endings: Yes
  • Emilia's Specialty: None (Can be adjusted with outfits)

Route Outline: The general gist of Emilia's route is that her scenario is broken down into mission segments. Emilia doesn't specialize in combat like some of the other characters and is actually recruitable in every other character's route as long as you participate in the Arcane Quest. What is unique about playing her own route is that she can change into a variety of different outfits based on the mission. These costumes add hidden attributes on glimmering certain skills quicker. Emilia is the only character that can get the Angel Brooch accessory near the end of her story. This is one of the best accessories for resisting status ailments and might be an incentive for New Game+ players looking to collect certain powerful tools. 

Emilia also contains two endings in her scenario, this all depends on your activity in the Baccarat mission.

  • Good Ending: Leave the cavern before confronting Joker.
  • Bad Ending: Confront Joker and get the Purple Eye.


  • Route Exclusive Character: No
  • Multiple Endings: No
  • Lute's Specialty: None

Route Outline: Lute's route is basically a total free roam mode where there isn't much story. It begins with an introduction and the next story destination is the last dungeon. So you're essentially left off to explore the world however you like, to train your abilities and skills. If you've explored the world with the other routes already, there might not be much incentive to do the exploring on Lute's side. If you want to quickly end this route, it is highly recommended you can complete this route on New Game+ (which can be done in less than an hour if you New Game+ stats).


  • Route Exclusive Character: Yes
  • Multiple Endings: No
  • Red Specialty: Melee Combat, Alkaiser Abilities

Route Outline: Red Route is perhaps the most story-driven route and maybe the largest scenario in the game. For the complete experience, playing Red is a great way to start the game and get accustomed to how things work in SaGa Frontier. Red is also the only character that can transform into the superhero, Alkaiser, in combat. While transformed, you get to use abilities that are exclusive to Alkaiser. There are some downsides of being transformed, as Red will receive zero stat growths when winning the battle as Alkaiser.

The largest potential issue with playing Red is that if you follow the story too closely at the beginning of the game - without battling and gaining stats and skills - you might put your characters in a bad spot when locked to story missions and underpowered. Some of his early missions, particularly on the Cygnus airship, can be difficult early on. We recommend keeping multiple saves just in case. The game difficulty lightens up a bit when Red can freely explore the world.


  • Route Exclusive Character: No
  • Multiple Endings: No
  • Riki Specialty: Monster Abilities, Rings

Route Outline: Riki is perhaps the least beginner-friendly route there is in SaGa Frontier. Playing as Riki will require you to learn how to use Monsters. To use monsters, each time when defeating a monster, you can absorb them and acquire their unique ability. By equipping a certain set of abilities, the monster take a new form. This requires a lot of experimentation unless you have a guide on hand which makes using monsters not so friendly. For Riki's scenario, you will also go on an adventure of collecting Rings, which can only be used in Riki's scenario. To make matters worse for Riki's scenario, he also has one of the harder last bosses in the game. We definitely recommend starting with a different character if you are new to the game.


  • Route Exclusive Character: No
  • Multiple Endings: No
  • T260G Specialty: Adjust to Different Mech Forms

Route Outline: T260G is a short scenario where your party is more mech-based with the exception of Gen, though you can recruit some human characters part-way into his route. Mechs do not gain stats/skills in the same way Humans do, instead of relying on equipment and parts. This can lead the scenario to being rather easy (most of the way through), especially on New Game+, if you already have a lot of mech items. T260G will also get the option to switch into different types of Mechs, there is even one exclusive mech form that you can only use for this scenario. 

The largest singular issue with T260G's scenario mainly lies with its last boss compared to the other routes. It might be the most difficult final boss in the game for a variety of reasons, such as a unique battle gimmick and that Mechs don't have as many healing tools as nonmech characters. 


  • Route Exclusive Character: No
  • Multiple Endings: Yes

Route Outline: Fuse is a new main character added for the Remaster version of SaGa Frontier. To unlock Fuse's route you will need to finish one of the playable scenarios first. The general gist of Fuse's route is to act as a what-if scenario to explain some of the missing story details of the original game and some parts it's more of an extended epilogue. The scenario usually begins with a Case file report of routes you have previously cleared, and Fuse will get involved with the case and will have to fight the major antagonist of those scenarios. This works similar to Lute's free roam mode where you are given the time to grind, or just face the last boss of the case scenario you're involved in. If you recruited the main story characters, you can talk to them before doing the last mission to fight their final boss. Each time you defeated a final boss, the next one will be stronger than the previous. If you defeat all last bosses before finishing the last boss of the case you're assigned to, you will fight the strongest version of that final boss. Because of how strong each of the bosses are, it is highly recommended that you only play this scenario with New Game+ carryovers. 

Fuse's scenario also contains characters that aren't available in normally available in other routes. You can recruit the following characters by checking the following places.

  • Asellus: Nelson Pub
  • Red: Manhattan Port
  • Blue: Devin Port
  • Ren: Talk to him in the IRPO Building. (Not available in Fuse/Emilia Scenario)

When a case report is completed in Fuse's scenario, a complete star is tagged on the character title screen.