Legend of Mana remaster screenshots show the Land Creation and Battle systems

After a period of silence since the initial reveal at the February 2021 Nintendo Direct, Square Enix has today published new screenshots for the HD remaster of Legend of Mana. The new images re-introduced story events and gameplay systems from the classic PlayStation game originally released in Japan in 1999 and North America in 2000.

As mentioned in the initial press release, Land Creation will play the biggest role in this game. Talking to townsfolk and finishing story events will grant Artifacts that can be placed on the world map to generate towns and dungeons. The positions of the areas and Artifacts will directly determine various things like monster strength levels and shop lineups.

The player's Land Creation process will also determine the amount and order of story events that will be triggered. Legend of Mana will have a total of 68 episodes with a focus on 3 major arcs. Today's screenshots include one of the major arcs that tell about the Jumi, a persecuted race known for their valuable jewel hearts. It will focus on the Jumi survivors Elazul and Pearl. The other story introduced here is a smaller arc that tells the story of Bud and Lisa, who are living together with the protagonist.

The game's battle system involves encountering and defeating all monsters spawned in an area in order to be able to move to the next map. The protagonist can choose from 11 weapon types. Each weapon will not only determine stats like offense and speed; they can even influence stat raises when the character levels up. The player can also assign different action abilities to a given button during battles. There are also magic instruments that can be used to launch one of the eight elements. These instruments can be purchased from shops or even crafted manually by collecting materials.

Find the new screenshots at the gallery right below. The HD remaster of Legend of Mana will be released simultaneously worldwide for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam on June 24.

Legend of Mana HD JP Screenshots
Legend of Mana HD EN Screenshots