The Evil King and the Splendid Hero screenshots show more exploration and mercy

Nippon Ichi has published more screenshots for The Evil King and the Splendid Hero in Japan. The new images showed more of the gameplay features like exploration and battles, and other modes like Monster Encyclopedia and Collection Gallery.

The new press release covered some of the locations that the protagonist Yuu will explore in her training journeys, such as Mountainside, Cave, and Ice Moon Hill. She can also encounter friendly monsters that sell items or give quests. The quest objectives will be recorded in Yuu's Adventure Notes. Clearing a quest will add a small conclusion story to the Notes, while also rewarding money, items, and Star Shards; the latter is used to unlock entries in the Collection.


One of the unique points in this game's battle system is that it is not simply about fighting and beating enemy monsters. Yuu has two special moves that do not consume stamina: Observe and Let Go. The former is used to try finding a monster's weakness. For example, a Moss-Sphere Frog has "being ignored for a while" as a weakness. Once the monster becomes susceptible after performing the method, it will take more damage from your party's attacks.

A monster that has its weak point hit will lose the will to fight. However, this is where Yuu can show compassion by choosing Let Go to have the monster escape. The press release notes that such mercy may also be essential sometimes.

Find the new screenshots for The Evil King and the Splendid Hero right below. The game will be available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on June 24 in Japan. An English localization has yet to be announced. A previous trailer revealed that the game will have a theme song from Akiko Shikata.

The Evil King and the Splendid Hero