Xbox hints more Dragon Quest could be coming to Game Pass

A curious social media post from the official Xbox Game Pass twitter account appears to hint that the service isn't quite done with the Dragon Quest series just yet.

The exchange went largely unnoticed as it appeared in a reply to another user. When one twitter user suggested the addition of Dragon Quest Builders 2 on top of Dragon Quest XI was "more DQ than I can take," the Xbox Game Pass twitter account was quick to jump in with a reply which seemed to tease more DQ coming to the service.

"no, that's just the right amount," the account's tweet begins, followed by "'s not enough?"

The tweet could also be completely innocent social media ribbing, but its timing is curious, especially in the wake of Dragon Quest Builders 2's unceremonious addition to the service - when an Xbox version of the game didn't even exist. DQ Builders 2 released worldwide in July 2019 for Switch and PS4, with a PC version following later that same year. We named it one of our top five RPGs of 2019, and it seemed an Xbox version was out of the question - and then, quite suddenly, it launched on Xbox and Windows Store, heading straight into access through the subscription-based Game Pass service. 

There was a similar story with Octopath Traveler, which released for Nintendo Switch, then PC, and then got an out-of-nowhere Xbox port and Game Pass addition back in March. Could more Dragon Quest titles be following in their footsteps? And if so, which ones? The most obvious options would be the first DQ Builders or the musou-style Dragon Quest Heroes games - but it's a big series, with a lot of games that could potentially be ported.