Gameforge details Player-vs-Player content in MMORPG Swords of Legends Online

Publisher Gameforge and developers Wangyuan Shengtang & Aurogon have posted a new trailer and information for Swords of Legends Online, detailing the MMORPG's player vs. player (PVP) modes.

You can check out the trailer below, alongside a description from Gameforge and PvP gameplay videos and a screenshot set. In case you missed it, you can check out the announcement information, details on all six of the game's playable classes, or details on story & lore.

Today, publisher Gameforge and developers Wangyuan Shengtang & Aurogon are pleased to offer a sneak peek at the PvP offerings in their upcoming AAA massively multiplayer online action role-playing game Swords of Legends Online! In today’s videos, you’ll experience epic and fast-paced PvP battles thanks to the dynamic action combat system—but it’s the game’s varied game modes that really round out the experience. Band together with two allies to defeat an opposing team in the 3v3 Garden of Blades, or engage in the all-out 30-hero clash in the Battle of the Continents. Fans of Capture the Flag and Battle Royale will feel at home in the battlegrounds, as they explore the Haizhou Fort, Land of Emerald Clouds, Battle in the Sands, and more!

Prepare to rally your fellow heroes and check out a breakdown of some of the PvP content in Swords of Legends Online below:


  • Battle in the Sands: In this desert training area, you take on monsters and possessed enemies. Initially, you fight in small groups, but as the match progresses, two groups of 10 players are matched up to compete against one another. Be warned—one player from each team will be randomly possessed and must be healed by team members using three runes. Do you have what it takes to save your teammate and reach three runes first?
  • Haizhou Fort: Two teams of 10 confront one another to capture and hold the flag in the center in a race to 1,000 points! Can you hold the fort?
  • Land of Emerald Clouds: In this Battle Royale mode, six teams of five players each start with minimal equipment that they need to improve as the map gradually shrinks. Grab loot in the battle area and keep a watchful eye out for special stealth items like those that can turn you into a mushroom or allow you to hide in haystacks. But haystacks alone won’t be enough to win the game—the best loot is dropped by special world bosses.
  • Realm of the Five Elements: Players must take and hold five towers as they engage in electrifying 15v15 combat in the hope to emerge victorious from this realm!  

Garden of Blades 

Perfect for fans of smaller-scale fights, in the Garden of Blades teams of three confront one another in a gladiatorial deathmatch. The battles take place on one of three maps—the Dreamworld, Fenghuang Temple, and Baxian Plateau—and winning teams will advance to a higher league where they can earn special rewards.

Other PvP Modes

  • Rampage:  When you and your opponents have reached the maximum level, you can destroy them in Rampage! But be warned, they can also attack you, and dying with Evil Qi means that you end up in the Realm of Destiny, where you’ll have to complete a list of tasks in order to leave.
  • Duelling: It’s just you and your opponent in a 1v1 showdown for superiority (and bragging rights).
  • Chang’an Arena: If you’re tired of dunking on friends and strangers, then take the fight to the NPCs! These battles can be played daily and allow you to obtain coveted items.
  • PvP Equipment: The equipment you receive for PvP in Swords of Legends Online is completely independent of the equipment available for PvE. Once you complete the PvP tutorial, your first step will begin, and you can improve your gear by earning a reputation on the battlegrounds. 

Player versus Player: 3 vs 3

Player versus Player: 10 vs 10

Player versus Player: 15 vs 15

Swords of Legends Online