Enhanced re-release Death's Gambit: Afterlife announced for Nintendo Switch

During today's IGN Expo stream, publisher Serenity Forge and developer White Rabbit announced Death's Gambit: Afterlife, a re-release of the 2018 souls-like metroidvania, coming to Nintendo Switch.

According to IGN, Afterlife is a 'hugely expanded edition' that features nearly twice the content of the original game, including areas, storylines, weapons, abilities, and modes.

The original Death's Gambit released in 2018 for PlayStation 4 & PC, and you can check out our review. It's unclear if this re-release will land on those platforms or stay Switch-exclusive.

The new trailer can be found below, alongside a description from Serenity Forge. The official website is here.


Death’s Gambit: Afterlife is a 2D action metroidvania that builds on and refines the original Death’s Gambit experience. Using an array of equipment, weapons, and abilities, Sorun must fight his way through the kingdom of Siradon to rid the land of its curse and fulfill his agreement with Death. Afterlife offers a wealth of new features and changes, including reworked movement, fine-tuned encounters, new bosses, levels, and more!


White Rabbit’s approach of crafting challenging but engaging gameplay saw success in the release of Death’s Gambit; after careful, tireless work, Death’s Gambit: Afterlife seeks to further refine that experience while adding new content for players to enjoy and overcome. White Rabbit’s passion for creating the pinnacle of metroidvania experiences is realized in their work on Afterlife, both showing an appreciation for their fans while enticing new, prospective players.

Game Features

  • A complete mechanical revamp, including fine-tuned encounters, improved movement and expanded crafting
  • Alternate endings to achieve as the story progresses
  • Over 30 weapons total, with new talents for each weapon
  • 6 new bosses to fight, on top of the original 14
  • A massively expanded new world to explore, adding 10 new levels to the original 11
  • A new map to navigate Siradon