Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI are being delisted from Steam on July 27

The Steam pages for both Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI have been updated with a disclaimer stating that each title will no longer be available for purchase starting July 27. The message reads as follows:

This game will no longer be available for purchase after July 27, 2021. Instead, please purchase the pixelated remaster version of "FINAL FANTASY VI," coming soon.


These ports of the two titles are based on the 2013 and 2014 mobile releases respectively, which are somewhat infamous for their redrawn art style - particularly the character sprite style. It looks like because new versions of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI are coming to the platform with the upcoming Pixel Remaster series, Square Enix wants to avoid having multiple versions on the storefront. It's worth noting that the mobile pages for these games do not currently have a similar disclaimer at this time.

Yesterday, Square Enix seems to have inadvertently uploaded a longer video overview on the upcoming Pixel Remaster series, where we were able to get a closer look at the upcoming new version of these classic games. The video has now been removed - seeming as if it went up prematurely - but not before we got a chance to make some comparisons between the Pixel Remaster and other versions of Final Fantasy 1 through 6.

This isn't the first time Square Enix has delisted titles from Steam due to re-released versions of their games. The original Steam port of Dragon Quest XI is no longer available for instance, as the current version is now based on the Definitive Edition despite a modest decrease in visual fidelity, being based on the Switch release. Additionally, The Last Remnant was removed from Steam when the PS4/Switch remaster released in 2019, meaning that game is no longer available on PC platforms.

We don't know when the Pixel Remasters will release exactly. We know the titles are planned to release individually with the first entry seemingly landing sometime next month, according to the now-removed video. Right now, these remasters are slated for Mobile and Steam.