Atelier developer Gust teases something for July 6

Gust - developers of the Atelier and Blue Reflection series - have teased *something* upcoming on July 6 via the company's official Twitter account.

The message is a short one: "Coming 7/6".


July 6 is next Tuesday, so we won't have to wait long to see what this post is teasing. It seems likely that this could be an update to one of the Blue Reflection titles announced in March - either the console title Blue Reflection: Second Light or mobile title Blue Reflection: Sun. At the time, not much information was given for either title outside of a name and platforms.

It's also possible this could be related to a new title in the Atelier series, considering Gust's tendency with quick turnarounds to release at least one title per year. Atelier Ryza 2 released in Japan in December 2020, and perhaps they are already ready to show what's next. It's also perhaps worth noting that the tease comes from the general Gust account, rather than the Blue Reflection account specifically.

Of course, this tease could be something else entirely. In any case, we'll have to see next week what this is all about.