Blue Reflection: Second Light releases for PlayStation 4 and Switch in Japan and Asia on October 21

Koei Tecmo and Gust have confirmed that they will release Blue Reflection: Second Light in Japan and Asia on October 21 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. They have also opened a new official website for the upcoming game, which is currently available in Japanese and Traditional Chinese. The new press release and assets gave a rundown on the game's story synopsis, main characters, and gameplay systems.

A debut trailer has also been posted.

Story Synopsis


A clear blue sky, vast and beautiful waters, and a scorching sun that can burn one's skin. Amidst the summer scenery, a girl named Ao Hoshizaki is lost inside this seemingly leftover world. There are 3 other girls living inside an isolated school, all of them only remember their names. In order to find clues to return to her own world, Ao decides to live with the girls.

The school is surrounded by water on all sides. But one day, a path to new scenery suddenly opens. When Ao's party decided to step towards the path, they found an irregular, mysterious place that somehow looks familiar. When they try to step further, they instead found monsters. When the girls fall into a pinch, they will gain mysterious power. What will these girls obtain when they have solved the mysteries?



  • Ao Hoshizaki (voiced by Kanako Yanagihara)
    A girl who had an ordinary daily life. After failing her end-of-term tests, she was due to attend supplementary classes at school during the summer holidays. However, she ended up getting lost in an unknown world. She will meet Kokoro, Yuki, and Rena in this world, who will cooperate to find a way for Ao to return to her own world.
  • Kokoro Utsubo (voiced by Tomoyo Takayanagi)
    The girl Ao first met with when the latter got lost in this world. She looks airheaded and does things at her own pace. With her gentle heart, she kindly approaches Ao who suddenly came into the world. She lost her memories, so it is unknown if she originally dwells in this world or gets lost just like Ao.
  • Yuki Kinjou (voiced by Yuu Serizawa)
    A girl living in the school together with Kokoro and Rena. Bright, energetic, and vigorous. She tries to find fun things to do every day like a mood maker, despite living in an abnormal situation. She also lost her memories.
  • Rena Miyauchi (voiced by Maki Kawase)
    Rena tends to grasp things negatively and speaks with many thorns in her speeches, but she is actually kind. She always looks before she starts moving. Her role is to straighten up other members who tend to go on a rampage. Rena also lost her memories.
  • Hinako Shirai (voiced by Yuuki Takada)
    A girl who appeared in front of Ao's party by some perchance. She used to be a promising ballet dancer, an injury to her leg rendered her unable to perform ballet dances anymore. She also lost her memories.
    Although the Japanese press release did not mention it, Hinako was the protagonist of the first Blue Reflection game.

Gameplay Systems


Outside of explorations and battles, Ao can interact with other girls and learn more about their true selves. Deepening bonds with other characters will unlock new strengths in battles while approaching clues in finding the world's mysteries and the girls' lost memories.

Ao can also create items together with another character. The finished item's effects and amounts will depend on the chosen partner. Other characters may also occasionally request certain facilities to be built. Once Ao has finished constructing them, she can visit anytime on other occasions such as dating.

Blue Reflection: Second Light screenshots

Blue Reflection: Second Light will be released first in Japan and Asia as Blue Reflection Tie for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on October 21. Although Koei Tecmo has also confirmed western releases for the new game, neither the American nor European branches have provided more information about the English localization.